5 Most Common Causes Of Chronic Kidney Disease CKD In Adults?

Managing diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, and heart disorders is becoming a significant challenge at the global level. Chronic diseases are becoming all the more prevalent in the twenty-first century because of the unhealthy lifestyle that people have adopted.

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Conditions That Can Aggravate Or Cause CKD

Many disease conditions are interlinked, and in this article, you will get to know some of the common conditions that can aggravate or cause CKD.

Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is a body condition where the pancreas, an endocrine gland in the body, does not secrete insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone which is responsible for regulating the amount of glucose or sugar that circulates in your blood.

So in a healthy adult, if the glucose levels increase (right after having a meal), the body secretes more insulin so that the sugar/glucose can be converted and stored for later use. Likewise, when the body needs sugar(energy ), the hormone facilitates the conversion of stored sugar(glycogen) to glucose so that it is readily usable.

However, in diabetic individuals, this fine balance is tipped. And this results in higher levels of glucose that circulates in the blood. Blood is the main carrier fluid in the body. So the blood which goes into the kidney of a diabetic person has to undergo extra strain to clear it of all the excess impurities (unwanted nutrients).

Over time when the kidneys of a diabetic person are made to work hard, it starts showing signs of strain. The most common outcome of CKD or kidney strain is higher levels of creatinine in the blood of a person or higher levels of a protein that is excreted out in the urine.

Most of the time, a person will not even realize that they are suffering from an ailment. It is only when people reach a stage where they need dialysis will they realize the severity of the condition.

However, some early signs can be visible, like if you notice that your urine is more frothy than usual, then you know there is a problem with the filtration mechanism of your body. The froth is a result of excess protein that is excreted out of the body.

Apart from this, the drugs that are prescribed for treating diabetes can also aggravate kidney diseases. So if you have been suffering from diabetes for a long time, you must get your bloodwork done at regular intervals so that you can spot the early signs of trouble.

Cardiovascular Disease Like High Blood Pressure


Most people above the age of sixty or sixty-five suffer from high blood pressure, and it is natural because the blood vessels of the body lose elasticity as a person ages. However, the elasticity of your blood vessels has an impact on the health of your kidneys.

The blood in the filtering apparatus of the kidney flows under higher high pressure. In fact, filtration in the kidney happens due to differential pressure in the blood. However, if the blood pressure is too high, it affects the filtering unit of the kidney and also the blood vessels in the kidney. So high blood pressure levels over a sufficiently long period of time can lead to CKD.

Having A Higher Than Average Body Weight or Obesity


If you have a higher-than-average body weight or if you are obese, then you are highly likely to have problems with your kidney. A higher weight puts extra strain on the kidney to keep up with the higher metabolic demands of the body. So if you are overweight, you are probably making your kidneys work very hard, and this can eventually lead to higher creatinine levels in your blood.

So it is advisable to always maintain a healthy body weight in comparison to your height. However, if you have a condition which makes weight management a problem, you should get regular checkups done to make sure that you are not showing the classic symptoms of CKD.

Regular Smoking


It is not known exactly how smoking affects the health of the kidneys. But there are studies which show that people who smoke have a higher propensity to show signs of CKD or show signs of quick worsening of the disease.

So quitting smoking is not only great for your lungs but is also good for your kidneys.

The Race Of A Person


The genetic composition of people from different races varies. White people may be more likely to suffer from a condition in comparison to Hispanic people due to the makeup of their DNA. So if you have an African or Hispanic lineage, you may be more likely to suffer from CKD in comparison to if you are of white origin.


There are several reasons why a particular person may suffer from a kidney problem. Anything that puts excessive strain on the filtering unit (glomerulus) of the kidney or harms its blood vessels will affect the filtration efficiency.

Most people who are detected with CKD also suffer from some other chronic condition: high blood pressure or high levels of blood sugar as well. Hence these diseases are called comorbidities; that is, the occurrence of one increases the chances of the occurrence of the other.

Most people with CKD can increase their life expectancy if they are serious about managing their body weight if they strictly follow a diet plan and try to live a healthy life. Remember, you can live a long life with CKD if you take all the precautions that you can take to manage the

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