6 Ways You Can Make Maps More Fun

Maps often give people the impression that they are boring and are only good for giving directions. While the latter part is true, the former does not necessarily need to be the case. Maps can be exciting, artistic, and even breathtaking if spruced up a bit. This can then help get their main value of providing information across so that more people can appreciate them.

On that note, it’s understandable that a lot of folks would find maps boring even as others find them fascinating. The trick, therefore, is to give those who are unable to appreciate maps the things that would interest them. Tattoos, paintings, tasteful wallpapers, themed furniture, and so many more can work towards this goal.

Fantastical Maps


When you look at regular maps, you can typically only see lines, squiggles, and numbers. Hardly the kind of things that most folks would find interesting if they had other things to occupy their attention. However, when you start adding dragons, sea monsters, fairies, and the like, you suddenly make maps a lot more fascinating.

This is why many popular fantasy novels also include maps since they can increase the wonders they have to offer. The maps themselves can still represent real places but with a touch of magic and mysticism. You are still giving accurate information about countries, cities, and the like. You are doing it in a way that would keep the readers’ attention.

Map Wallpapers


It can often be fascinating how size can increase appreciation for anything, as proven by map wallpapers. All of a sudden, you have an entire wall that’s covered with a depiction of a yellowing world map. This map depicts places that can either be real or fictional but those are additional details.

Instead, the wallpaper can make you feel like you are being enveloped within the margins of the map. You are part of it instead of being a simple spectator, which then plays to your need for inclusion. Being surrounded by a giant map can also have a positive effect on concentration. This would make them perfect for study rooms or libraries, where they used to be prominently displayed in the past.

Map Tattoos


For those who are a little more daring and don’t mind permanence, map tattoos can be quite unique. Instead of Asian characters, depictions of demonic beings, and others, a beautiful map can be linked to the skin. This also provides a considerable level of freedom as to what place will be depicted in the tattoo.

Fans of Lord of the Rings, for example, can have tattoos depicting the most iconic places in the series. Hometowns, favorite cities, and even ancient civilizations can be fair game, as well. The point is that there is a lot that you can choose from if you want to map tattoos. They would be as or even more relevant than having the word “courage” stamped across your shoulder.

Map Paraphernalia


Few things are as effective at changing minds and hearts as merchandise, and it’s no different with maps. These useful geographic tools can be used for any kind of paraphernalia in the market. Cups, book covers, phone casings, and many more can be found depicting one location or another.

Then there are the custom services that offer customers the ability to print specific maps onto shirts, mugs, and others. You can make them yourself if you are artistic enough and have the right materials. Try drawing your favorite map on 200ml Glass Milk Bottles before filling them up with colored water, for example. Then place them on a light platform to see the full results. Click here for more info.

Map Furniture


This is an extension of the map paraphernalia suggestion but on a much bigger scale in the form of furniture. This includes chairs, couches, beds, cabinets, tables, and more. It isn’t that hard to find examples of those items that are covered with map details. In short, they are a map lover’s dream.

These types of furniture can be a great way to bring out the unique feel of a room. They can draw the eyes and can be used to intrigue guests. When paired with things like map coasters, map tumblers, or map plates, the effects can be increased. Do try to not go overboard since this can overwhelm the sense if you have too many map-themed things.

Map Sheets and Curtains


Last but not least, there are the bedsheets and curtains that have map prints on them. These would literally allow you to sleep on top of your favorite places. It would bring new meaning to being on top of the world, for sure. Curtains can also provide a rather interesting effect with regard to refracting shadows, as well.

Try to imagine the sun shining right through the drapes and the city of Paris will dapple the floors and walls. It is nothing groundbreaking, to be sure, but the results can still be quite enjoyable and fulfilling. This is doubly true if the curtains are hung in the living room or any room with a large space. Depending on the angle, it can almost seem like a portal to another world.


Maps may not be the most exciting things in the world, but they can still be quite fascinating. Their real value shines through for those who understand history, geography, and anthropology, but they have much more to offer. They can be the bridge between fantasy and reality, as well as between cold information and heartwarming stories.

By delivering the value of maps in ways that can be appreciated by others, their worth increases for those people. This is how you can spread the love for maps and can even become gateways for even more map appreciation.

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