Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth 2024 – A Woman With Style

We have all met Melissa in various films since her predominant occupation is being an actress. Apart from this, she is also a TV director. She has always been involved in the world of TV since she appeared in various commercials and child shows. She also had numerous roles as a guest in various shows. All these appearances made her famous and made her face recognizable.

Personal life

Melissa Gilbert

She was born on the 8th of May in 1964 in Los Angeles in California, the USA.

Love life

She was romantically involved with a man called Rob Lowe. However, this relationship did not last long and she ended it when she moved out of New York City after NYC, she got involved with Bo Brinkman and the two fell in love. This was crowned with a wedding that was held on the 22nd February 1988. However, the love did not last long and it was ended in a divorce that took place in 1992. This marriage brought her a son on the 1st May 1989. She remarried for the third time and this time to Timothy Busfield. She currently lives in Howell, Michigan.


As we have already said, she has always been interested in TV and making a career on it. She had a very humble beginning since she started with small appearances in some commercials, but this helped her a lot since her face was recognizable. After the commercials, she got her first offer to act and it was in Little House on The Prairie as Laura Ingalls. We need to say that she was picked out of 500 other children. She also had a role in 1983 when she performed in Choices of Heart as Jean Donovan. One of her biggest successes was when she was lending her voice in the production of Batman in the 1990s.

Her popularity was good, so she was invited to perform on Dancing with the Stars which she did. She appeared in the 14th season of this show in 2012.

She then decided that she would like to go from TV appearances into the world of film in Hollywood, and she did. She started to get involved in theatre and her work was recognized. She has had a very successful career and one of her biggest achievements was presiding over the Screen Actors Guild. from 2001 to 2005. We need to mention that she made a mark here since people recognized her talent and elected to be the president of this body in two additional terms.


The fact that he got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1985 as the start number 6429 tells us about her success and how much she was recognized by the TV and acting community. This was not all, she also got into some houses of famous people. First of all, she was enlisted in the Western Heritage Museum and the Western Performers Hall of Fame which is located in Oklahoma City.  Additionally, her 2009-2010 national tour was one of her biggest successes in her life.

Involvement in politics

We should also mention another peculiarity about her. Namely, she wanted to get involved in politics and this is why she was the candidate for the USA Congress. She ran as a Democrat candidate in the 8th District of Michigan. On top of this, she was the one who won the Democratic primary. Unfortunately, she got very ill and she had to drop this.

Net worth

The 2024 estimated net worth of this actress is 800K USD. Most of this money she earned during her TV appearances and her acting career. Both of these were very lucrative and they certainly brought most of the money. We need to mention that she may be the actress who has the most money in Hollywood in comparison to other actresses. Let’s just add that she earned 75K USD per week in Little House on the Prairie.

Her appearance in films made her both recognized and rich. We need to mention that she has had numerous appearances and that they all made her very famous but her biggest advantage may be that she never gives up.

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