6 Best Korean Themed Gift Ideas in 2024

Choosing a gift creates headaches and stress for many. No matter how original you are when buying gifts, sooner or later you will definitely run out of ideas and at the last minute you will turn to the classic chocolate that “everyone loves”.

The gift does not have to have a great monetary value, it is more important it carries a message and that it is something that the person receiving it will like. Let her know that you made an effort around the selection and that you didn’t buy first what you came across. But let’s say you want to please your friend from Korea with a special gift related to his country, and you don’t have very many ideas. Don’t worry, here you will find everything you need. Let’s go in order.

Jong-i jeobgi


Paper folding and paper shaping remain an important part of Korean culture.

Jong-i jeobgi is the Korean word for origami. Jong-i jeobgi is usually taught to students as part of lessons on art, science, math, and history. Paper folding and paper shaping remain an important part of Korean culture. If you want to please your creative Korean friend with a traditional gift to show him that you are porting his culture and customs, buy him hanji. Hanji is a special type of paper that is essential for many types of traditional Korean papercrafts. In fact, the word literally means “Korean text”. Hanji is made from the inner bark of a wooden tree, which is native to Korea and can often be found on rocky mountains. In addition to being used in origami, hanji paper can also be used in calligraphy or as a cover for doors and windows of your home. Traditional types of hanji crafts include jido, joh, and jiseung.

A book


A book is always a good gift. Of course, if you know which genre to choose. You can always find a book about Korean culture and tradition, which does not have to be in the original language, it can also be in English, why not?

Traditional costume


The national clothing of the people in Korea looks very great, despite the fact that the clothing consists of plain fabrics. For a long time, the costume changed, matching the features of European clothing. The costume, which is the national holiday dress in Korea, is called hanbok. It has remained almost unchanged for several millennia. Korean national costume consists of three main parts: jeogori, Chima, and otkorym.

Kogori is the top shirt, chhima is the A-shaped skirt, and the short wide, and long ribbons that do not allow the shirt to open and are a decorative part of the costume. This is the perfect gift for your best friend’s baby as well. See more at

Korean cosmetics


For lovers of cosmetics, the perfect gift is Korean cosmetics that are considered to be of very high quality and affordable. If you don’t know much about their brands, stick to traditional ones like Innisfree, Skinfood, Tonymoly, others.

Fun mugs


When you want to make someone happy with a little thing, a salt with an interesting inscription can be a very nice gift, and be sure that you will be the first thing that person will think of in the morning when he wakes up. Yes, if he wants coffee, he will have to reach for a cup!

Traditional Handmade Wooden Soju Cups


There’s nothing like a cup of soju to relax you after a long day. This is a great present for every person who respects the tradition of another country. Besides, since it is made of wood, it perfectly fits in any interior. The cups are made with a golden-brown lacquered wood, and they’re engraved with the Korean for “a cup of love” and “a cup of memories.” This present will show your affection to the person. They usually come in pair so you can expect to be served in one next time you come. Korean culture enthusiasts should love such a personal and thoughtful gift.

What do gifts say about the person giving them?


Gifts can reveal a bunch of interesting things about the people who gave them to you.

The rebel will give you a lecture on human stupidity and consumerism of the modern age, so if by chance you become attached to such a partner, it is wisest to make a pact with him/her not to give so that they do not feel like donkeys wasting money.

Hypocritical people will try to point out the flaws and weaknesses of the person they are giving as a gift, so you can expect weight loss books, kitchen utensils, or a dictionary of foreign words.

The egoist recognizes himself without any problems – he will buy you something he really wants, and a classic example is parents who buy a toy for their children, and they themselves use it more than the child, or a new CD of their favorite band. Whatever the gift, such a person will use it more than you and is only interested in themselves, and you are somewhere in the middle of the priority list.

An uninterested person will give you a perfume of a well-known name, a shirt, a tie, etc., which clearly shows that he doesn’t even know you well and that he didn’t bother asking for a gift.

In the end, a person who thinks he is the best in the world will buy you something expensive, but also expect you to show excitement when you open it as if you got a million dollars, or he will hang his nose to the floor and sulk for at least a month, if not and longer. Of course, this is pure compensation for the insecurities and fears that such a person has.

We left the romantics for last – they long ago remembered what to give, they carefully asked for exactly what you want and they sincerely cheered you up. Keep them, you always need people like that.

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