When your Kids have to Start Learning Programming?

When it comes to learning, there are no boundaries. Similarly, there is no age limit as well. From kids to adults anyone can start learning something whenever they feel like and this is where learning programming comes into the picture. Digitalization is at its highest peak in today’s world and information technology is at its peak, hence the kids of today’s generation need to be ahead with all the tech-related topics.

One of the booming fields of learning is programming and kids these days need to learn it to stay ahead in the terms of increasing their digital knowledge. There are online classes like Cuemath, where your child can take these programming classes and learn to code.

Let us first know, what exactly is meant by coding?


Coding which is also called computer programming or developing is a kind of inventive cycle process in which there is a use of different programming languages which help the computer in understanding what exactly to do and hence they can execute various activities.

This process of coding is actually done through a systemic way which requires skills and is a field of expertise of its own. Coding involves different commands that are given to the computer device using the languages and then the computer processes those languages and further executes whatever the work is commanded by the commander.

The process of coding can be simple as well as complicated depending upon the thing you want to code for. Heavy games, software and expert based applications have long codes and the language is complicated but the simple games and applications can be coded for easily using simpler ways of coding.

When can your kid learn to code?


A child as young as seven years old can start with the basic programs of coding and later on become an expert over the course. The courses are made according to the age group of kids and different kids are bound to different teaching methods according to their age groups. Any child can easily learn the concept of coding and hence learn and explore new things which aren’t taught in school but are important after school.

Even adults end up learning to code separately when they’re trying to run a business or for any other necessity, hence this proves that coding needs to be an integral part of a kid’s learning process.

A kid is open to learning and if he/she is taught from the beginning they will learn to program like any other subject and it will be a normal one for them. This will make them understand the concepts better and grasp everything quickly.

Since it is a practical subject, it doesn’t get boring and hence don’t take away your child’s attention span. Your child will love the process of learning and will be able to make things of its own. Many features like games and applications can be made through the process of coding and this helps the kid in having the kind of fun learning process they need.

What are the types of coding languages that kids can learn?


There are many types of coding languages curate for the kids and these are like HTML, python etc. the languages are set on different levels, which the children can understand easily and grasp faster. They are simplified and then taught.

At first, the course starts with a basic learning method, where the basics of coding are taught. This course is for a span of a few weeks. After learning the basics, a test or assessment is carried out for the child by the teacher to check whether they have been able to grasp whatever is taught to them.

After the first stage, the student is all set to go ahead with learning another coding at other stages. The levels keep on increasing as soon as the student completes the last stage. Constant tests and projects are given to the students to work upon and the students are supposed to share those with their allotted mentors.

How is the process of teaching carried out?


Many online classes can provide your child with the training they need. Classes like Cuemath are a good source of learning and are affordable as well.

Once you register with any classes of your liking, a mentor is assigned to your child and the mentor is also going to be in touch with you as a parent. The mentor will interview the child and take details of the child and ask a few general questions to go about the process of curating the stage of learning for your child. The pack is going to be suitable for what exactly your child needs. It is mainly decided based on age.

The teaching is done purely through the online method. The mentor and the student are connected through online mode with cameras on. The student can easily share their screen so that the mentor can view what the kids are doing and whether they have understood the concept or not.

The mentor guides the child through all their doubts and difficulties. During the session, the child is given several tasks to do in real-time during the lecture and the mentor will check the way they are doing the task and whether it is in a way that is taught or not. This helps the students to rectify their mistakes then and there and not hesitate with the teachers to solve their doubts.

This way of learning is much better than classroom learning as the teacher has its 100% focus on your child and therefore the child won’t feel shy to ask questions as they might do in class. With continuous monitoring and proper guidance, the kids learn faster and adapt to the coding languages and end up having a fun learning process which makes them interested even more in the subject.

So what are you waiting for? Teach your child coding today and prepare them for a better-digitalized future!

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