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Hyuna Net Worth 2024 – A Korean Star

She is one of the biggest and most known singers, not on the Korean Peninsula, but also in Asia and in the world. She is well-recognized singer, but she is also a dancer and she writes songs, as well. It should be also noted that she even worked as a model. Her song Bubble Pop was one of the biggest world hits when it came out in 2011.

Personal life

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She has been born as Kim Hyun-ah in 1992 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. She has paid a lot of attention to education and she thus focused on music and art in school. She continued her education and she is having a major that consists mostly of art culture.

Her relationship with her mother is a very strong one and she does not hide it. On the contrary, she has even made a tattoo that is located on her left shoulder and it basically says that her mother is actually a heart that keeps Hyuna alive. Her love for tattoos is no questionable since she also had another one on her right shoulder with the inscription Tempus, i.e. time in Latin.


Even though she is still very young, she has begun her solo career as a very young girl in 2006. She was 14 then and she then became one of the members of the so-called Wonder Girls. They have been a musical group that mainly consisted of girls and they were governed and monitored by JYP Entertainment. Here, she has been the main singer and rapper.

That group has also made their debut album titled The Wonder Begins where Hyuna has been the main singer. The album saw its release in 2007. We should also mention that Hyuna has also been very popular on TV. Namely, she has been involved in the MTV show called Wonder Girls that has lasted for the entire two seasons.


In 2008, she decided to start to work with Cube Entertainment. This was the point when she became a member of another group that was called 4Minute, another girl group. The group had their first single released in 209, and it is called Hot Issue. She did not only work in a group, but she also collaborated with other artists. So, she cooperated with Gi-Kwang in 2009 in a song that was also titled in 2009. That song was the part of his first album known as the First Episode: A New Hero.

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She has decided to make another singe which she did in 2010 when she recorded and released a song titled Change. The song has been very successful online. It should be added that the song has got up to place No. 14 on Gaon in 2010 when 2.469.354 copies of it have been sold.


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As we have already said, this was the best year for her since she became a world-known artist. The reason for this is her song Bubble Pop that was released in 2011 and it became an instant hit not only in Korea but also all over the world. It got her fame and a lot of performances all over the globe. The song has seen 2.5 million issues sold.


We should also mention that her music and her talent has been recognized, as well as the quality of the music she makes on YouTube. More precisely, she has more than 100 million views on this channel. This is a huge success since she if the first Korean female singer who succeeded to do this.


Her talent and her music have been recognized both in South Korea and abroad. So, she has been nominated for a lot of different awards and she has won a lot of them. First of all, she won Herald Donga TV Lifestyle Awards in Hot Icon Award in 2012 and then she has also won Golden Disc Awards in Digital Bonsang in 2014. We should also mention that she has been declared as the best female artist in Korea in 2013.

Net worth

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She has been estimated at 2.5 million USD in 2024. Most of this music comes from performances and sales of her songs and albums.

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