How to Choose the Best Streaming Service?

This decade has brought a revolution in the entertainment world. Entertainment is not limited to your television or the local area but, it has expanded globally. Sitting in a different nation, you can access the shows and series of other nations. You can watch brand new series, old TV shows that are no more on-air, or the original content available exclusively on the streaming sites. The viewership has largely shifted from traditional TV networks to online platforms. More and more streaming services have increased and are a popular source of entertainment.

Subscription packages. The dilemma of choosing from the streaming services


As the popularity of streaming services has increased more and more upgrades are being made and new platforms being introduced. The market is flushed with the streaming services and apps that range from the choice of movies and shows to their streaming quality and price variations. This makes it difficult to choose from these many services and viewers end up having multiple subscriptions or a wrong choice.

Here are some of the best streaming services along with their price range, choice, credibility, and advantages. Thus, making it easier to choose from a wide range available in the market.

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most used and popular streaming service globally. Netflix covers many countries and has a large fanbase and viewership. It airs many old and new TV shows, popular movies from America, UK, India, and other countries. The Netflix subscription is of three types Basic, Standard, and Premium, ranging from $8.99 to $15.99.

Apart from requiring faster internet speeds, it has less stock of all kinds of movies and doesn’t update recently released movies and shows that fast. Netflix also produces its original content like Stranger Things, House of Cards, etc. Netflix can be streamed on mobile, laptop, and television. Some of the most popular shows on Netflix are The Witcher, The Originals, Stranger Things, Extraction movie, Dark, Lucifer, etc.

You can also find out the best streaming service on site for comparisons between the streaming apps, subscriptions, and much more.

2. Amazon Prime Video


Another big name in the streaming world. It is difficult to rank Netflix and amazon prime video since both have their perks and disadvantages.

If Netflix earns more viewership on originals, Amazon serves as a hub of new and latest movie releases. Amazon Prime Video has a movie collection far bigger than Netflix. The streaming service is best if you want to watch world-class movies and Oscar-winning movies. It also streams many TV shows, web series, and original content. Some of the must-watch series on Amazon prime video are The Vampire Diaries, Legacies, Rosewell, Four more shots please, and many more.

Along with show streaming Amazon offers many additional benefits and services like prime reading, prime music, prime gaming, and of course customer benefits and discounts on purchases from Amazon. Amazon also offers a 30 days free trial to its users. It is available at the US $12.99 and can be paid annually or monthly. The subscription of Amazon is available on mobiles, laptops, windows, and TV, it also has its fire stick.

3. HBO Now and HBO Go


If you are a fan of shows of HBO channels then this subscription is only for you. The HBO has released its two platforms HBO Now and HBO Go.

It streams all the great shows aired on the HBO channel with every episode from all the seasons. HBO Go needs a paid cable connection to stream while HBO Now can be streamed at the subscription plan of $15 per month.

It also has certain drawbacks as video quality is not best always and uses a lot of mobile data. If you are a sucker for HBO shows this subscription plan is best for you. You can watch from top shows and movies like Deadwood, Rome, The Pacific, etc.

4. Hulu


Hulu is one of the most popular streaming sites. It features all the big ratings and big-budget popular shows. Hulu is the most recommended service if you want to watch all-time popular TV shows.

Some of the famous shows streamed on Hulu are South Park and The Simpsons.

The new version of Hulu also provides Live TV and Hulu is amongst the cheap streaming services that give the best streaming experience. The monthly subscription of Hulu costs just $5.99.

5. Disney Plus


If you are an ardent fan of Disney shows, cartoons, and movies this site is maybe just for you. The subscription covers all the Disney shows from 1990 till 2024 and so on. It ranges from animated cartoons to complete Disney princess movie series. Alladin, Cinderalla, Snowhite, every show your kids love.

This subscription also features all the movies of marvel franchise, cartoon movies to Avengers series. It provides 4K streaming quality in its standard packages also which is $6.99 per month.


There are many more streaming services apart from these like Voot, Now TV, Youtube TV, Apple TV, and much more. Choose from your best packages that are in your budget and suit your best interests.

Just take the subscription and step into the online world of great movies, TV shows, and full-blown entertainment you will enjoy.

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