How Does an Affiliate Program Work in Trading?

The broker’s affiliate program is an opportunity to earn money by cooperating with a broker, not only by making trades, but also by attracting new traders to the company. How interesting can an affiliate program be?

Can you earn money on this?


For the attracted client, the company offers partners a certain commission. The amount of fbs partner commission depends on the account. At the same time, the broker also offers to choose a personal commission payment scheme. Everything looks pretty attractive.

If you read reviews about such programs, as well as study the trading conditions of companies, it is easy to be convinced of the high quality of services. By offering their subscribers to open an account here, a trader, blogger or financial advisor can be sure that transactions will be executed on time, and referral traders will have enough trading tools to apply different strategies.

The partner himself will not be limited in any way in the amounts of payments that are credited to a special account daily. Moreover, there is a special statistics section in your personal account, which makes the affiliate program completely transparent.

Traders have shown a steady interest in binary options over the years. Due to the abundance of unscrupulous brokers, at one time there was an opinion that this was all untrue, but after a few years, industry leaders with a good reputation appeared, relevant reviews of their activities, and binary contracts became popular again. To make money on them, it is not necessary to be a trader, many companies invite you to cooperate in the field of attracting customers.

Broker affiliate programs involve a large reward, which depends on the type of cooperation. The system is well-thought-out, based on a typical Forex affiliate program, but at the same time takes into account the specifics of binary options trading.

It turns out to be very profitable cooperation – even with a regular registration, the partner receives a fixed remuneration, and then everything depends on the activity of the trader he is attracted. The spread rate can be quite small, but the main emphasis is on registration and replenishment. In this case, the spread will simply be additional income afterwards.

In general, it turns out that everything depends on the turnover over a period of time. The program is designed to attract traders with trading experience. The broker offers many different instruments, from classic currency pairs, metals and raw materials to shares of various companies. You can sell stock indices, buy shares of a well-known company, trade energy and cryptocurrencies. Together with comfortable working conditions and a good bonus program, a profitable partnership is obtained.

Many people start out that way, and then later switch to the introducing broker option, as it turns out to be more profitable, especially if the referrals are experienced traders.

As we have already mentioned, an affiliate program is a good income for active traders, which is based on attracting new clients (referrals) to a brokerage company.

By choosing the right approach to finding referrals, a broker partner can, without making any special efforts, receive not only a constant income that does not require deep trading knowledge, but also additional bonuses in the form of premium services or special trading conditions. Different brokerage organizations offer their own terms of remuneration for attracting traders. Such cooperation for a partner is an additional income.

In order to find out how much you can earn with any broker, an income calculator is posted on the company’s website. By indicating the approximate trading volume, you can get the amount of the expected reward. The formula on the broker’s website transparently and with an example shows how the calculation is carried out. It takes into account the number of traded lots and the currency pair, the coefficient of commission income. For one lot, a partner can receive up to $20.

To become an agent, you must:

  • register on the broker’s website;
  • study the agency agreement, which indicates how the partner’s profit is formed.

After that, the system generates a unique agent link that can be placed on your Internet resources or transferred to customers.

What is the benefit of an affiliate program?


When starting trading in the financial markets, clients are looking for a reliable and respectable program for opening an account. Brokers such as FBS have a reputation for attracting wealthy investors, which helps boost earnings. The affiliate program is widely known among traders, it is discussed in many specialized forums. This is partly due to the popularity of the company itself – one of the leading brokers in the world.

The broker pays high commissions, while not imposing any restrictions on the agent either in terms of the amount of income, or the number of clients, or the withdrawal of the earned remuneration.

Affiliate cabinets most often with serious brokers have a simple functionality, at the same time it contains everything you need to work: statistics, marketing materials, a summary of client activity. The company itself helps partners by providing promotional materials, which allows you to save on the services of designers, copywriters, marketers.

For example, a distinctive feature of the FBS agent program is the fact that the calculation of remuneration takes into account the volume of both open and closed positions.

Separately, there is an opportunity to become a representative of a broker and earn on special conditions. To participate in it, it is not necessary to have trading skills and understand the operation of financial markets. Also, no additional financial investments are required.



Despite the fact that binary options have a number of disadvantages, their popularity in the world is growing every year. This is explained by the simplicity of this financial instrument and the minimum level of knowledge that the user must have. Therefore, the prospect of attracting new customers and making money on their registration can turn out to be a profitable business.

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