Health and Wellness Tips for 2024

Everyone says they’re going to be healthier in the New Year, and some people even go as far as making resolutions that are often unattainable or just plain unnecessary.

We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to start the New Year fresher and healthier. Many of us will spend a lot of money to join a gym or hire a personal trainer, or buy cookbooks that follow the latest diet trends, even though deep down we know we’ll never really stick with it.

These behaviors can actually be bad for us in the long run. Crash dieting is never a healthy idea because it can lead to slow metabolism (which could lead to potential weight gain) and they can deprive your body of essential nutrients.

However, the judgment we often place on ourselves aside, it’s never a bad idea to want to feel healthy and happy. If you don’t have the budget for an expensive gym membership, spa getaway, or vitamin supplements, check out Contest Scoop, a source for popular sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

You just need a computer and the willingness to try something different, and you certainly don’t need to give out any personal details.
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Keep Track of Your Steps with a Fitbit


What better way to stay active than with a Fitbit? It’s a device that is worn all day long and it counts every single step you make. It also counts the number of calories burned in a day and how many you take in.

Are you looking to lose a few pounds or just wanting more incentive to be more active in your daily routine? A Fitbit is a perfect tool. It’s essentially like having your own personal coach with you at all times. Except, instead of being yelled at you wear a sophisticated, stylish bracelet that intuitively pushes you to explore your best self.

You could win your very own Fitbit with this exciting contest from HasFit Heart and Soul Fitness. Five grand prizes are to be one, which includes a brand new Fitbit Charge 3 — each at a $150 value. You can even submit up to 13 times to increase your winning chances!

Visit their website to find out how you can win your very own Fitbit to feel healthy and confident.

Spa Giveaways


Who says that in order to feel healthy you have to do any actual exercise? Health and wellness aren’t just about being active; giving yourself time to relax and rejuvenate is equally as important.

Tune out the noise and stresses of everyday life and pamper yourself with a life-changing spa giveaway.

Miraclesuit, the famous slimming swimwear line, is hosting a contest where you and a friend or loved one could stay on the beautiful beaches of Maui, Hawaii for a glorious, all-expenses-paid ten-day holiday.

The grand prize includes a package deal with SpaFinder where you can work on your wellbeing by relaxing, sitting by the pool, getting a massage, and doing a whole lot of nothing else.

Other prizes to be won are also exciting. They include a brand new iPhone, a day spent at a local spa near you, a $5000 donation to a charity of your choice, or a $1000 gift certificate to Miraclesuit!

Miraclesuit uses slimming technology in all of their swimwear. All of their pieces are luxuriously comfortable while simultaneously making you look and feel your absolute best. Check out the contest rules here, and while you’re there, feel free to look at bathing suits to buy — you might need a few new ones for your upcoming trip!

Stay Calm, Naturally


Maintaining your cool can feel difficult at times. Whether it’s work, family life, even just thinking about the news these days — let’s face it, life is stressful. Health and wellness are all about taking care of your body and mind.

When you find those moments of reprieve, try Canadian-made, all-natural gummies from Natural Calm Canada. These delicious gummies are made with ingredients such as magnesium and melatonin to help your muscles relax and to aid with proper sleep. Alternatively, there is one other great way to give your muscles the massage they need to relax and repair, using a muscle massager gun, such as Exogun. It’s a deep tissue massager that will boost your muscle function by encouraging your blood circulation and increasing the oxygen flow to the targeted areas.

Research shows that magnesium plays an integral role in regulating neurotransmitters, and these send messages throughout the body and brain. It plays a crucial role in neurological health.

It’s believed to affect a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which helps control the pituitary and adrenal glands. These glands are responsible for responses to stress, so increase your dose of magnesium with delicious gummies from Natural Calm Canada!

Taking melatonin is a natural way to enhance sleep. It’s a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. The body’s internal clock influences how much melatonin the pineal gland makes, as does the amount of light you’re exposed to each day.

Usually, melatonin levels begin to rise in the mid-to-late evening, once the sun has set. They remain elevated for the majority of the night while you’re in the dark. Then, they begin to drop in the early morning when the sun rises, which causes you to awaken.

Natural Calm Canada gummies with melatonin are a tasty way to increase your melatonin and have a good night’s rest. Visit their Facebook page to see when they run exciting giveaways where you could win your very own bottle of delicious, calming gummies for when you need some time to unwind.

Check out your trusted online contest source for these health and wellness sweepstakes and more. The worst that could happen is you win something that will make you feel healthier!

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