How to Add CBD (Cannabidiol) Into Your Wellness Routine

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients found in cannabis and hemp (closely related to the cannabis plant), but it lacks the psychoactive properties found in other compounds derived from the plants, such as THC.

CBD has become more sought after for its therapeutic nature. This is despite the lack of empirical evidence backing its medicinal value. Recent studies, however, as well as testimonies from CBD users, point to its efficacy.

Cannabidiol interacts with the chemical signaling system found in the human body, known as endocannabinoids, which control the physiological and neurological process.

As a result, when taken in controlled doses or used in beauty products, ointments, food, and drinks. CBD is known to improve the quality of life, from helping to relieve stress and anxiety to clearing off acne from the face.

This will encourage the production of endorphin and dopamine, the body’s feel-good hormones, to exacerbating physical pains.

In a fast-moving world where one struggles to keep up with trends, realities, and responsibilities, the occurrence of stress in varying magnitudes, from nervousness to panic attacks, has become another form of a pandemic the world has to manage.

Add this to the current Coronavirus pandemic from which the still struggles to find its feet and adjust to the new normal.

Whether trying hard to hold on to your sanity in the middle of this rollercoaster life or struggling to maintain a positive body image in this vain society whose only definition of beauty is the straight-out-of-the-magazine-cover skin, CBD is one substance that can prove helpful to you in this time.

Companies like Homegrown Cannabis Company deal in cannabis seeds, for those who would like to grow it themselves. You can learn more about their products on their website.

There are a few tried and tested ways you can introduce CBD into your daily routine to improve the quality of your life. We hope that you find the following suggestions useful.

1. Start your morning with a dose of cannabis


Products like the cannabis tincture can be added to your morning coffee. Depending on whether you need it as a stimulant or a sedative, you can add a few drops for a light dose or a few more drops for a heavier dose to produce calm.

Taking cannabis in this manner is one of the surest ways to enjoy the benefit of cannabis without necessarily experiencing the “high” that comes from ingesting it.

2. Incorporate it into personal recreation activities


Want to de-stress or engage in some personal fun activity from the comfort of your personal space? (a choice favored over outdoor recreation in the wake of the current pandemic) you can have some cannabidiol, such as CBD gummies, while you Netflix and chill.

The substance helps to keep your nerves relaxed while you keep yourself entertained.

3. Take it before doing your yoga/meditation


CBD, when used consistently, helps the body achieve a state of relaxation, a condition necessary for effective meditation. It calms you down, aids concentration, and keeps you in tune with your environment.

Taking CBD before your yoga routine also provides some lissomeness to the body as you practice your yoga, thus encouraging the production of dopamine.

4. Invest in cannabinoid beauty products


The skincare market has become more saturated with products containing CBD in the past few years, especially since the substance has been proven to have invigorating and healing properties.

CBD oils, for instance, are known to be an effective acne treatment, as they help to manage the pain and inflammation that comes with the skin condition.

5. Use CBD to get adequate sleep


Sleep deprivation ranks high among some of the causes of stress, anxiety, and underproductivity. Interestingly, stress and anxiety are also some of the factors that can prevent sleep.

This creates some sort of vicious cycle in which attempts to break free might prove difficult and increase frustration. With CBD, sleep comes more naturally as the nerves are calmed and the body is put in a state of rest.

As quality sleep is germane to overall wellness, consumers of CBD will often attest to a measurable improvement in their physical and psychological health.

6. Consider adding CBD oil to your medical kit


The anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD relieve pain caused by stressed muscles, arthritis, sprains, etc. Besides, there are some chronic pains suffered by people where the drugs used to combat them also come with some undesirable side effects.

Cannabidiol, however, is highly beneficial in treating chronic pains and disorders like migraines with no side-effects. There are several products, such as lotions and ointments and tabs that perform this function, and adding one of them to your medical kit is a good idea.

7. Wear cannabis on you to carry a relaxing aura with you everywhere


Think cannabis in your perfume when we say this. When added to other sweet-smelling ingredients, you can get the luxurious, relieving scent that puts you in the right frame of mind everywhere. These CBD perfumes are available for sale in brick-and-mortar and online stores.

8. Have a cannabis bath


As CBD helps the body achieve homeostasis, soaking in bath products containing the substance is known to aid in burning calories and in reducing blood sugar.

Aside from the relaxing effect of taking such baths, the soothing effect is evident on the skin as it repairs and invigorates the skin cells.

9. Use CBD scented candles


You can make a nirvana of your personal space by creating a perpetually relaxing atmosphere using scented candles that contain CBD. These candles are made from a combination of non-toxic, natural products, such as beeswax and coconut wax, so you can never go wrong with them. If you’re looking for creative ways to incorporate the calming effects of CBD into your daily life, Levo is a fantastic cannabis-related website that offers helpful tips for making CBD-infused candles that can help transform your personal space into a relaxing and soothing oasis.

For those newly introduced to cannabidiol, it is advised that they start with small doses until they find the perfect dosage that helps them live optimally. The beauty of CBD is that there is no wrong way to use it, as long as the consumer listens to their body.

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