6 Top Secrets to Having Your Home Spotless

At home, kitchens are known to be messy and cluttered spaces. Maybe because there’s so much work to be done in the kitchen that it’s hard to keep up with all of the clutter, however, it is simple to keep your kitchens clean and well-organized, even while cooking and baking multiple times a day.

The sitting area can also get dirty since it’s the first room we get into when we get home. Generally, the whole house when not cleaned well, it can get messy and dirty all over. That is the main reason we came up with this article. Here are five secrets behind making your kitchen spotless.

1. Organize your Cleaning Supplies

An unorganized tool kit doesn’t just make it harder to find what you need; it also makes cleaning less efficient. Separate your supplies into categories, such as dish soap and detergent, glass cleaner, general surface cleaners, etc.

This way, you won’t waste time trying to remember where something goes while at a sink. You can just grab it from a nearby drawer or shelf. Also, be sure to label everything with a permanent marker so it’s easy for guests or other homeowners to identify what each bottle contains if they need to use it in an emergency. You might even consider color-coding them if you have more than one family member using your kitchen.

2. Use wipeable surfaces instead of non-wipeable ones


Using  melamine wardrobes and laminate surfaces from Oppolia which are easy to clean up when there is any mess in your kitchen and bedroom is a good option. Melamine cabinets are especially covenient for their limited surface area. They’re ideal for kitchens since countertops can be hard to clean. If you want a kitchen with an everlasting shine.

A great alternative to shiny counters or other wipeable surfaces is wiping down all non-melamine shelves and drawers with a damp cloth after each use. You will have less stuff piled on your shelves, but you’ll also have time every week or so to spend a few minutes wiping everything down.

If you’re looking for something even more durable than melamine, laminate wardrobes are another option that may work better for you since they don’t scratch as easily as some types of plastic do. While many people love wooden cabinetry for its aesthetic appeal, it can be quite difficult to keep clean because wood stains easily and can be hard to scrub off completely without damaging it.

3. Don’t Ignore Shower Walls

The shower area is a space a lot of people overlook. People always assume that the area will also become clean when we shower, which is not true. Water splashes and spills are continually hitting the walls surrounding the shower area.

These hard water stains can leave a permanent mark on your wall if not removed or washed away quickly. The only way to get rid of them will be to use various abrasive and harsh chemicals. Cleaning the walls with a light cleaning solvent every day and washing the walls after each shower will save you a lot of headaches.

4. Keep Dishes in the Dishwasher


While sitting down in front of that TV show, add any dirty dishes you have and run a quick load through your dishwasher. In 30 minutes or so, you’ll have a clean kitchen, plus anything that was still on your counter has been neatly washed and put away for you. You can even take it one step further by combining these two tactics with a kitchen timer.

Set it for half an hour, do something else like cleaning while it runs, and then use that time as an opportunity to unload your dishwasher. This is also a great tactic for reducing clutter in your kitchen. Just make sure not to leave dirty dishes out all day; they’ll just attract bugs.

5. Wipe Down Appliances

The stove, the coffee maker, and the blender all see a significant amount of use regularly. To prevent the spread of germs that could compromise one’s health, it is essential to clean them properly. It won’t take much effort to convert your coffee maker and blender into a makeshift dishwasher. Use hot water while cycling through the coffee maker. Then, before washing any of the other detachable components, pour the hot water from the carafe over them and thoroughly cover them.

Pour some warm water and dish soap into the blender, and blend until smooth. After that, give it a thorough cleaning and lay it away to air dry. You can also clean your TV and home sound system using a foam cleanser and a clean cloth. Wiping your appliances will leave your home spotless and attractive. In the case of bedrooms, Many people forget to wipe the inside and on top of their wardrobes. Wardrobes are essential parts of the bedroom, they hold garments, some of which are brilliant. If not wiped for a while, the dust will discolor the clothes, giving you extra work.

6. Ensure the Sink is Clean


Not everyone knows how to clean their plates. As a result, food ends up being thrown into the water used for washing the dishes. When done washing the dishes, you should clean the sink and then replace the sink stopper. Put a small amount of detergent in the sink that is now empty, give it a light scrubbing, and then flush it with warm water.


Making homes spotless has been a headache for some of us. That’s why we decided to disclose these secrets of making your home spotless. All rooms in your home are prone to getting dirty, from the sitting area to the shower area. Ensure everything is in place, always rinse the shower walls after taking a showerer, and organize your kitchen.

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