Is it Better to have Separate Health Insurance?

Group health insurance policies aren’t something that is new, but there are surely some tricky moments we must be aware of. For example, in the USA you can apply for a company group insurance, or to get a couple-policy when you are married. Surely it has some benefits, knowing how expensive is the American healthcare system. But, on the other hand, when you use a personal plan, it’s tailored to your exact needs, following your age, current health condition, and possible health risks you may have. As we can see nowadays, even the married couples are going for separate health plans, even though the companies insist on group insurance. If you still don’t know about this option, then click here to find out what are the benefits, so you can be able to decide by yourself what to do.

But let’s see how it’s done and decide which one is better


When you work in a company, and you have a company-based insurance plan, that means it’s cheaper than the individual policy, and you will have to pay less if you have to go to the hospital. In recent years it’s even more beneficial to have corporate insurance, but many people decide to go for an individual plan, so they can exactly know what is covered. On the other hand, a workplace plan is good, because you all contribute to those funds and saving accounts, that will help you pay for the eventual hospital stay or some invasive intervention.

But, you also have to know that when your workplace is sponsoring the health insurance policy, you are pretty limited, because they’ve already chosen the package they can afford. If you choose an individual plan, then it may come more expensive to you, but you also have more options to find better coverage for a similar price.

You have to check the laws because there is some exception for the families with low income, and for individuals too. That’s a result of the well-known Affordable Care Act, but you can’t apply for it if you are not suitable for their requirements. We all want to save some money, but even though healthcare is expensive, it’s one of the things you shouldn’t try to save on. Many people are sure they are completely healthy and don’t save for that, ending up spending everything they have when something bad happens.

Also, keep in mind that there are more affordable plans like Medicaid or Medicare, even for the employees, but you have to be eligible for them.

There are marriage plans and family plans too, and now we will see how they work


When you apply, you can check that you are married, but you still can keep your individual personal insurance, even though the group ones are meant to let the people save money. It’s completely understandable, because one of the partners may have some condition that requires regular doctor meetings, that can be expensive, and they don’t want just to throw their spouse in those expenses, when it’s not needed.

So if you decide to take a separate or individual plan, you have to know a few things:

  1. According to Group plans are cheaper, and the bigger the group is, the more affordable is the price you will need to pay. But, when you go for it, you have to meet a lot of wishes and requirements, and in some cases is even simpler to go for an individual plan. Both of the options have benefits, and bad sides too, and we won’t suggest anything, but thinking really deep and with a clear and cold head, until you decide what to do.
  2. When you go for a group or marriage plan, that means you copay or contribute to the fund that maybe you won’t use anytime in your life. We all know and we are aware of our general health condition, and paying for something that can’t be used is not for everyone. Surely this choice also depends on the income, but many people today, being aware of all the possible perks, are choosing to go for personal insurance, that they tailor according to their needs.
  3. The insurance often covers prescription drug expenses, especially for those with some chronic or autoimmune condition. These drugs are expensive, and the whole treatment is for a lifetime. As we said, no one wants to put the others into those expenses if it’s not needed, and no one wants to pay for the others when they use only headache pills occasionally. Even with the combined plans, you can expect price deductions, but surely it’s better when you do it only for yourself.

When you work in one company, or you are married to someone, it doesn’t mean you have the same preferences in the meaning of way how you take care of your health. For example, you may already have your family doctor, and specialists you believe. It doesn’t mean you will have to change them when you get married or start working in some company. This is one of the main reasons why individuals are choosing personal plans, no matter where they are. And it’s pretty understandable, normal, and expected – for those who can afford that.

Sadly, there are people who can’t go for separate healthcare insurance plans, and they are signing up for the more affordable packs, that cover only the basic healthcare services. The price of the American healthcare system is always a hot topic in the world, and every government and president are trying to find a solution for the citizens, so they can get the care they deserve.

Our advice, in this case, is not to go for what is cheaper, but for what is better for you and your needs. We all know that even the young people today have chronic illness issues that can’t wait for them to get older or retire, so they can use more benefits from the country. So, if you think that the individual plan is better for you, don’t set for less, no matter what.

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