Your Guide to Betting on the NFL — the Top 9 Strategies

The NFL is a league that’s always attracted a lot of interest from fans — and those who like betting on sports events — due to the drama. What makes it so exciting is the fact that it’s so unpredictable and so many different moments can happen during a game, and throughout a season. It’s hugely entertaining to be able to bet on various matches, players, and even the championship and watch things change over time — with the chance to potentially win big if you place your bets right. If you are new to the NFL and betting in general, you should follow the picks provided by experts on the NFL over at OLBG, they spend plenty of time researching every aspect of the game, so you don’t have to!

Here are 9 more top strategies for betting on the NFL:

Don’t get too emotional — bet using logic


It can be a huge challenge to keep it cool when betting, especially when you’re so wrapped up and involved in your favorite team. But putting aside those preferences, and betting with your head, not heart, is key to success. Using common-sense towards betting online is one of the best ways to make smarter bets without a detailed strategy in place. You can still cheer your team on without betting on them. Be aware of your biases when placing a bet to avoid decisions based on emotion and favoritism.

Injury reports are key

Injuries can have a dramatic effect on a team. Losing out on one player can throw off the entire unit as a whole. A good way of getting a solid overview of this info is to check the status of players for the upcoming game, see who may have missed out on practice in a certain week, and delve into Twitter accounts as to who might be having a tough time. Being able to identify individual weaknesses within a team will give you a good basis to place bets on the game as a whole.

Monitor lines


Another great way of increasing your betting chances is to monitor the betting lines throughout the week. Keep an eye on the odds as they change over time and keep in mind the influence that public perception has on betting lines. Many of the big and popular teams have loyal supporters who will always bet emotionally over logistically. It’s just another way to garner insight into how you can maximize your chances at winning on bets.

Divisional matchups

The teams who play each other more than once in a season get to know each other very well; so, it’s important to take note of who are divisional rivals. Even if a team is much better than another, being placed against each other as rivals mean that they’re likely to have much closer an outcome when it comes to scoring. Keep the divisions and the way they match up in mind when placing bets. It’ll give you more insight into what the potential results might be.

Take the individual matchups into account


Yes, football is a team sport — and a big one at that. But one-on-one matchups can have a massive impact on the game, and dramatically affect the outcome. Get to know the players — their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies — and check out in advance who will be going head to head. This doesn’t just apply to the players, but the coaches too. It’s another way of being able to bet strategically in the NFL.

Go beyond the trends

Patterns and trends are important. But don’t always rely on them when placing your bets. Things can change quite fast and exploring the context behind the numbers is a great way of thinking outside trends in games over the season.

The underdog bet – is it smart?


It can be tempting to bet on the underdog when the potential outcome could mean a big win – but it’s not always the smartest route to go. There’s always the dream, and excitement, that can come from watching an underdog you bet on a win, but when it comes to betting common sense, more often than not, prevails. Keep this in mind when being drawn to the underdog and their potentially elusive win.

It matters where the game is played

The home-field advantage can make a huge difference when it comes to a team’s success. The Seahawks, as an example, perform their best while at home in Seattle, with 92-31 at home since 200. And the New England Patriots are the same, with 42-6 at their home field between 2014-2018. Some teams aren’t so great at traveling, either. West coast teams traveling to an Easter time zone seem to have less difficulty with the time change, but East Coast teams have a huge disadvantage when playing on the Pacific Coast. Some dome teams are also at a disadvantage when playing outdoors. It may seem like common sense but this kind of knowledge can put you at a huge advantage strategically when making NFL bets.

Diversify, diversify, diversify to increase the success


You can bet on the game totals, the spread, and the money line with good results. But if you really want to maximize your chance of success, it’s best to keep your betting strategy diverse and keep checking out the various betting alternatives you can make when betting.

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