Unexpected Gifts for the Geeks in your Life

No person in the world does not like to receive gifts. Although very often when choosing a gift we all try to buy something valuable, most people will agree that they prefer it when they receive a gift that does not have as much material as emotional value. People appreciate seeing someone pay attention to what they love. So you should not be surprised when you see that someone was more pleased with the book of their favorite writer than with an expensive piece of jewelry. A gift is something that should be chosen with the heart, and not just to follow some protocol.

An old cliché says that diamonds are every woman’s best friend. Besides, they say that every woman will be happy with expensive perfume or a branded piece of clothing. Of course, in these stories, a bouquet of 101 roses from a loved one is indispensable! On the other hand, there are stories that men get a good, expensive watch, perfume, or a bottle of good whiskey.

Still, things need to be viewed from a different angle. Very often we are not able to buy someone a gift like this, and very often we know that it is not something that would make a certain person happy. So we go back to that story that little things are big things.

By this, we mean that each person will be genuinely delighted to see that the other has put in the effort in choosing the gift.

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Everyone has at least one smart guy in their life who enjoys spending their free time reading books.

We will give you some ideas for the perfect gift for your geek.

A good book


This is a gift with which there is little chance that you will make a mistake. However, before you walk into a bookstore and buy the first book you see, pay attention to the genre your person likes. It is not enough to just go in and take a book. It’s like buying any perfume, not paying attention to the smell, or any alcoholic beverage, although we all know that there is a big difference in taste between whiskey and gin.

Mini reading light clip


This mini lamp is the perfect gift for your partner who likes to read in bed, and you hate it because the light bothers you and doesn’t let you sleep. All you have to do is unpack it and, with the help of a clip that comes on it, hang it on the book. This will direct the light into the pages of the book, the loved one will enjoy reading, and you will be able to sleep peacefully. Another positive thing is that it is battery operated, so there are no unnecessary cables that will be stretched over the bed.

Pen with invisible trace


The geeks will also adore the pencil that leaves an invisible trace, which can only be seen when the special light comes on. This will allow them to write down their thoughts and ideas without fear that the younger sister will find and read.

Double bladed saber


If you have a geek in your life who is fascinated by Sheldon and his friends from the popular American series The Big Bang Theory, this is a gift that will knock him off his feet. Double bladed saber will fit perfectly into any space, and will also serve as a weapon for those who easily get carried away and enter the world of Star Wars. This is the perfect gift if you want to make someone happy and buy them something valuable. You can learn more about this by clicking on or perhaps checking out

At Home 3D Printer


For the more creative ones, whose brain persistently throws out ideas even when asleep, a 3D printer is a perfect gift. This is the perfect way for each person to express their creativity and print everything they can imagine. It is also very practical because if you choose this gift for someone, you will be the one who will receive the original gift for your next birthday.

Mind-Controlled Helicopter

This toy will be a great pastime for everyone after hard work. You may not be able to control the things that happen to you and get the problems out of your head, but this is something you will surely succeed in. All you need to do is put a headband on your head, which will allow your brain to lift the toy helicopter in the air.

Game of Thrones 3D Map Puzzle

Few people have not watched this popular series or played the game, and there are even fewer who have watched and are not thrilled. These puzzles will at the same time entertain you, but also bring you back to the land of dragons, and other famous locations presented in the series.

Magic Wand Remote Control

For those who are fond of magic, this remote control will cause real delight. With the magic wand / remote control in the style of Harry Potter, you will be able to enjoy your favorite TV program, and also to wander to Hogwarts for a while.

Oculus Headsets

This is a very simple way to immerse yourself in the virtual world and find yourself in a place you have always dreamed of. The display is incredibly realistic, that you will have the feeling that you are there. With the help of a small remote control, you will also be able to play games.

Darth Vader Costume

This costume will turn your friend into his favorite hero, and it will also be great for Halloween. Yet if you buy yourself a costume of his beloved Padme Amidala, we are sure you will not go unnoticed.

The keyboard waffle Iron

For all those who like to play games with breakfast, the Waffle Iron in the shape of a keyboard will delight them. It is coated with a non-stick layer which makes it very easy to clean.

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