6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Wine Cellars

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, and it is holding that position for a long time. According to history researches, people started making wine 8,000 years ago. Besides the grapes, people were using honey and fruits. Today, we can find wines from all over the world. Still, the European sorts are considered as the best, especially French, Moldavian, Hungarian, and Italian. If you are interested in some of the best Italian wines, along with other beverages, visit birre online.

Producers are constantly improving the processes in distilleries. On the other hand, the traditional method is still the best way. We can find some of the best in Europe, but you don’t have to be a producer to create one in your home.

1. Old Cellars


Some producers are using the same sorts for centuries. In most cases, people are combining different sorts to improve their durability and taste. However, there are some types with outstanding quality, and the recipe is remaining the same for hundreds of years. The French Sort Chateau Margaux is used since the 18th century. This wine has the finest quality, but it is also quite expensive, with a price of over $200,000 for one bottle from first picking in 1787.

Also, we have to mention Massandra Sherry from Crimea, Apostelwein from Germany, with a bottle from 1727 at the price of $200,000. The oldest preserved piece is from the 4th century, and it was made while the Roman Empire was still ruling most of Europe. The main reason why older wines are so expensive is that a well-preserved bottle can get better quality over time.

2. You Can Grow Grapes Anywhere


It is known that the most popular cellars are from Europe. However, we can grow this plant in any other place in the world. When it comes to the natural environment, it requires a lot of sunlight and proper humidity. However, with today’s technology and modern equipment in farming, we can grow it even in places with colder temperatures, but with a proper conservatory. Still, the south of Europe is the best for its climate, which is the main reason why most of the high-quality sorts come from this region.

3. You Can Create A Home Cellar


It became a very popular option that people choose to remodel their basements. One of the solutions that you can choose is to create a wine cellar in your basement. However, you should learn more about the essentials of storing wine before you decide to prepare this storage in your home. For example, it is crucial to provide the wine with the proper temperature, and there are different options for various types of wine.

The most common is that we should keep the white in a colder place, while the red one can be preserved at room temperature. The great advantage is that there are so many examples available, and you can even set some other parts of your home for this matter, like the hallway or a kitchen. You can use your preferences for design, but it is crucial to provide the wine with the proper environment to avoid rotting.

4. It is Not Expensive


If you choose to add a cellar to your home, there are many benefits of that option. First of all, you will increase the value of your property. Also, it is not as expensive as many would think. The investment depends on the size, quality of equipment, and some other features. You can choose from different styles, and for a traditional one, you will need wooden shelves, proper heating, an air-conditioning system, and bottles of wine. If there is enough space, you can create events in your cellar. For example, if you are a collector, you can organize a wine-tasting event.

5. Largest Wine Cellar


We already mentioned that Moldavia is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the production of high-quality wines. One of the reasons is related to climate condition that is perfect for grapes. If you ever decide to visit this Eastern-European country, you will have a chance to see the biggest cellar in Cricova. There are over 1.5 million bottles stored in this place. Moreover, this country is producing around 2% of all grapes used for production in the world. Therefore, it is not a surprise that every fourth citizen in this country is working in wine production.

6. There Are Wine Spa Centers


It might sound strange to people from western countries, but there are many spa centers in Japan where you can take a bath in wine. According to some researches, bathing in wine can bring many health benefits, especially for circulation and skin. Besides that, it is known that wine is good for the heart. Therefore, one glass a day can help you to prevent various health issues.

The Bottom Line

The most interesting thing is that you can install wine storage in your home or apartment. Also, you don’t need some big investment for that option. However, it is crucial to follow the instruction and provide the wine with a proper environment. Since there are so many sorts available today, it might get confusing because each one of them requires different humidity and temperature, and the same is for bottles as well. Therefore, select the wines after you remodel the part of your home after you see what condition you can provide to them.

Also, it can be interesting to start visiting wine storages around the world. Many great cellars look more like museums. Therefore, it can become your new hobby to observe other storages and look to upgrade yours from time to time. You can even manage to create an excellent collection. Investing in wine is a great option since it is known that wine can increase quality over time, and price as well. However, you should learn more about good sorts, brands, excellent harvest years, and more.

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