Why Do We Need the 12-Step Program for Tackling Addiction?

Addiction comes in all kinds of phases in our lives. The addiction is of different types as well. People are addicted to drugs, they are addicted to alcohol, they are addicted to other things as well which would be unusual but such cases are rising daily such as addiction to gaming, addiction to weight, addiction to food, addiction to surgeries etc.

These are all addictions that can plague our lives for the worse. Getting out of these addiction problems is the tricky thing, you just cannot easily get out of it, there is just not one easy way to do that.

Although there are numerous treatment programs that rehabilitation centers for addiction have such as the inpatient treatment program for addiction and outpatient treatment program for addiction, but even there is a chance that these treatment programs might not work completely for a drug addict person who is getting treatment from a rehab center. Regardless, in the case where the normal treatment programs are not working, the drug addict is administered the intense versions of the treatment programs which are called the intensive inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment. And even when these do not work, only one thing is left to do and that is to get in touch with another method which is all about spirituality.

Reasons why we need the 12-step program

There are several reasons why we need faith-based therapy, this faith-based therapy comes from the 12-step program. The reasons are to be known because maybe you might think that spirituality aspect of the healing process from drug addiction might not be a problem, but in reality, it is. 12-step program provides that moral compass to people who have gone astray. This is a way to get back on the road to life and to start living a new life that they have never lived—one based on faith.

1st reason:


The first reason as to why the 12-step program should be needed to tackle addiction is because the program helps in making you realize that you are not alone. That there is a higher being in your life that makes you feel like you are never left alone. That at all times, you will be understood and listened to. This program is needed for us to open up to ourselves first, be honest with ourself and let ourself breathe properly for once. We need to be honest, with ourself, with others, and with our past, our thoughts, and our intentions so we can be crystal clear in our fight against drug addiction.

2nd reason:


The second reason why we need the 12-step program is because we need hope, we need to know that there is someone there for us throughout all kinds of problems that we will be facing in our life and especially during the times of the treatment for drug addiction. We need the concept of a “higher power” in our life to make us understand that our doubts, our fears, and our issues will all be handled by a higher power that will be there for us no matter what happens. This higher power will listen to our requests, our wishes, our prayers. We need an anchor that will set up to a path where we can actively define the word “God” for ourself. We can make ourself feel at peace and let ourself go and fall into the arms of a higher being. This God can be anything, there is no discrimination regarding anything when it comes to what is God and who is God in the 12-step program.

The 12-step program is all inclusive, it does not segregate, divide, or leave other people from different religions alone. This is another reason we need this program, because it is for all kinds of people belonging to all kinds of religions. There is a big misunderstanding and misconception regarding the 12-step program that it is exclusive to Christians, that it instills Christian thinking and teaches by the Bible. That is not true, the 12-step program depends upon what faith the person or the patient already belongs to and help them get closer to that faith. If they initially do not have any faith to begin with, they are given different religions, belief systems to study and go after the one that really connects with them—they have a free choice here to choose what speaks to their soul on a spiritual level. Because if something does not touch them in their heart, the 12-step program won’t work, they need to define that higher power for themselves in order to make sense of their drug addiction treatment and go past that threshold that they previously couldn’t. Therefore, this program is for everyone who is in need of healing from their drug addiction.

3rd reason:


The reason the 12-step program is important is because it asks us to forgive others, and to forgive our wrongdoings. This forgiveness is something that is going to set you free from all kinds of doubts, all kinds of hurt, and you will be going on a journey of redemption. This is important and needed because it will help you get through the process of becoming sober again, it will give you a clear mind to think about whom you did wrong and when you did wrong to another human being. When you take accountability for these things, you can simply start to take charge of your life and take charge of your actions and words. The 12-step program will ask you to be a bit more responsible whenever you take a step, or are about to say anything else. It asks us to ask for forgiveness from God or from any higher power. The program will make you just.

The entire program in the end will make you into a completely new person. A human being that won’t be the same as you were when you started the 12-step program. You will be more in tune with your senses and your consciousness. Now that you know the reasons, we need the 12-step program for, you can try it out for yourself as well. To check about this program, click here now.

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