Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic

Eating raw garlic might sound like an extreme sport to some, but the truth is that it can do wonders to your whole body. If we exclude the fact that it makes its consumer’s mouth characteristically scented, there is nothing wrong with eating raw garlic cloves, particularly if you enjoy eating piquant foods. After all, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which we could formulate that the beauty lies in the taste of the eater. Jokes aside, but when you realize the benefits of eating raw garlic, you will fall in love with it at the first bite.

Before we start talking about the positive effects eating raw garlic might have on your health, we should highlight that you do not have to eat the cloves as they were candy to experience the benefits. Surely, it depends solely on you and your sense of taste, but we should underline that the point of eating raw foods is not to thermally process them in order to preserve all the nutrients and benefits they might carry with them. Thus, we suggest you combine the garlic with other vegetables and create a fresh salad seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper, or use it to enhance your favorite sauce and provide it with a more than needed extra flavor that will make you both satiated and healthy.

It Strengthens Your Immune System


Garlic is generally good for you, so in case you are not allergic to it, there are no real obstacles for you not to eat it regularly. There are numerous recipes you can find online and combine garlic with fresh beets, apple, lemon juice, and carrot and create a unique mixture you should eat first thing in the morning to strengthen your immunity. Even if eaten on its own, garlic will give your body a portion of nutrients that will make the defense system of your organism much stronger but guarantee you will enjoy it more if you pair it with something else.

Get Rid of Bad Breath


That probability that you will be noticed if you eat garlic and go out in public is major, and while your friends might be tolerant others would probably gossip that your breath is bad. While you might want to consider not having close social interactions after consuming garlic, you should also know that it is one of the best things you can do to treat one of the causes of bad breath. Namely, garlic has certain antibiotic characteristics and if you eat it raw, the chances that you will kill certain bacteria residing in your mouth is pretty high. Surely, you will spread the scent of garlic, but even that is easily fixable. All you need to do is drink a glass of hot milk and your breath should come back to normal.

It takes Care of Your Lungs


The reason why your breath smells of garlic after consumption is not solely because the essence got trapped inside your mouth. You should notice that after trying to get rid of it by toothbrushing, which should not change anything much. The main culprit for the garlic aftertaste is your pair of lungs. Namely, the fragments of garlic essence get trapped in alveoli, which are spongy building blocks that make up your lungs. Not only do the alveoli trap the smell, but they also use the garlic molecules to cleanse themselves and kill any harmful bacteria present. Thus, you should not be surprised if you would eject increased amounts of phlegm after prolonged garlic consumption, especially if you are a smoker. About similar and dissimilar characteristics of garlic and its production, as well as about garlic trade, you can find out if you visit

It Lowers Your Blood Pressure and Protects Your Heart


As long as you eat your garlic cloves untreated by heat, as a part of a meal, or on their own, you should be aware that your blood pressure levels are going to be a little lower than you are accustomed to. Namely, after you chew and process raw garlic, it reaches your bloodstream via the digestive system. The unstable sulfur compounds from garlic become stable and interact with your blood cells, creating hydrogen sulfide. Exactly that compound signals the blood vessels causing them to expand. With a natural stimulant, such as garlic, your heart would stay healthy for longer due to the cardio-vascular system’s facilitated functioning.

It Helps Your Digestive System


Apart from its other characteristics, garlic is famous for its non-inflammatory features. That means it will treat your bowels adequately if any sort of inflammation occurs on its way. Other superfoods can help you treat your stomach but they have certain side effects. Fortunately, garlic has the ability solely to attack undesired bacteria, while the good ones remain intact.

It Does not Mess with Your Regular Medication


Although garlic has numerous health benefits and contains substances that affect various segments of the body in different ways, you should be able to consume it even if you are prescribed with other medicaments that you consume orally. Due to its beneficial effect on the stomach, it is even recommended to eat garlic if you are consuming particular aggressive drugs that could disturb the balance of bacteria.

It Decreases Prostate Cancer


Studies have shown that patients who consume higher amounts of allium vegetables, especially garlic, are more likely not to have prostate cancer. The scientific reason behind this is that garlic acts as an antioxidant and makes the body a less acidic environment, which is a prerequisite for malign tumor formation.

Hopefully, you have learned a few extra beneficial features you might enjoy if you eat some more raw garlic. We should underline that it can have a positive effect on your body even if you eat it cooked, but the range of benefits it provides shortens immensely when compared to its raw consumption. Whatever you choose, do bear in mind how just a small moderation in your diet can cause multiple health improvements for a short time.

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