7 Driving Safety Tips for First-Time Drivers – 2024 Guide

Every new driver should know that getting a driving license brings huge responsibility because they need to be safe while they drive, and take care of the general traffic safety. Sitting behind the wheel is not an easy task, especially for those who need to hit the road for the first time without their teachers.

People say that this activity is as easy as 2+2, but you need to take your time, check how your new car works, feel it, and remove all the stress and anxiety related to it. These tips will help you get ready for your first drive alone:

1. Try the car and become familiar with it


You may think you are ready to start your driving adventure right now, but first, you need to make yourself familiar with the basic functions and controls, the wheel, blinkers, seat positions and levels, lights, pedals, and everything around you. Once you are comfortable with every control, you are ready to start your first test-drive at a shorter distance. For example, you can use some old roads or huge parking to exercise and see if you’re comfortable with the car. You can always adjust the seats and positions, so the driving would be smooth and easy.

2. Turn on all the available safety features


Check your airbags and seatbelts and see if they work properly. They are in the first line of the safety precautions in case of an accident. While you get comfortable with the vehicle, you must check every safety setting, and see if it works properly, like rear mirrors, wheel stability, GPS device, and of course, airbags and seatbelts. Your vehicle should be fully equipped, so don’t try to save money on it, because safety is always first.

3. Take another few lessons if needed


Sometimes the classes in our license package are not enough to make us good drivers. But, according to Dmvedu and  Pass First Go, you can always choose to take professional instruction to improve your skills and increase your self-confidence. Many people don’t become good drivers because they are afraid and suffer anxiety, but with good instruction, you will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes, pass your driving tests, and be a responsible part of the traffic system. Once again, if you are too afraid and skeptical, even if you already own a driving license, it’s always a good idea to pay for additional lessons and increase your self-confidence while you are behind the wheel.

4. Remove all the possible distractions


You need to avoid using your smartphone while driving, especially when you get in your car for the first time. So, put it on the backseat and never try to reach the phone while on the road. Many car accidents happen because the driver pays a lot of attention to social media notifications, and not seeing the potential danger on the road. Then, remove the ornaments from the mirror, and every other distraction that is catching your attention and doesn’t let you be careful about what is happening on the road.

5. Avoid driving at night


Inexperienced drivers should avoid driving at night. The visibility is different and many dangerous situations may occur, and newbies are not able to have a proper reaction in that case. That’s a result of their lower level of driving experience. Night drives are difficult, challenging, and complicated, and even some experienced drivers often avoid them, because of the obvious reasons.

6. Approach your vehicle slowly and confident


You can’t expect to be an F1 professional when you sit in your car for the first time. As we already said, you need to feel it and experience it, listen to its sounds and adapt to the features and settings. Also, you don’t need to pass over 100 kilometers to prove you are a good driver. Sometimes, it’s enough to go to the store with your car, or visit some friend, so you can see how it goes and if anything needs to be fixed or corrected. You also must check the gas pedals, try to hold the wheel, and then start the vehicle, get ready, and go.

7. Always maintain a safe speed


The speed is another one common reason for horrible car accidents that result in a huge number of lost lives on the roads. You must maintain a safe speed and follow the rules on a particular road. High speeds may decrease your reactions because you see the danger too late. So, be responsible, drive safely, and limit your speed.

What are the most common problems first-time drivers may have?


You’ve heard a lot of times that once you are comfortable with the way the vehicles work, you will ask yourself how did you survive until today. But, the fact is that the number of people who are afraid of driving is pretty big. They become sweaty and panic a lot when they take a seat in a car. Sometimes it may end up with heavy breathing, increased heart rate, a lot of sweat over the hands, and heavy panic and anxiety attacks. These people often choose to use the public transport service or go to work by bike. But, for bigger distances, you need something more than just a bike.

Also, people with chronic health problems need to regularly check their condition, so they can get a new license and continue driving. A doctor should estimate if the candidate is eligible for a new driving license, or they need to take a break for a few months or years. For example, people with eye conditions, breathing problems, high blood pressure, or other cardiovascular issues should limit their time spent behind the wheel.

But, if you are sure you are ready to start driving, we will once again recommend you to read our list of tips and tricks, so you can always be sure you are taking and making everything in your power to stay safe and confident. We hope this article helped you understand all the safety aspects, and that you will always keep them in your mind while driving.

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