Dog Breeds That Make the Best Family Pets

A family dog is important to young children. But, what are the best dog breeds for families? What are the dog breeds that get along best with young children? It might be tough to select which puppy or dog is the best match for your family when considering the notion of adopting a furry friend for your household. However, did you know there are a number of breeds that fit well into a family setting with kids over others?

There are a number of breeds that make for great family dogs, but some are preferred for families in the suburbs or a farm over a family that lives within the city. Breeds like Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers are fun for the family and are also protective of the family, while Pugs or French Bulldogs are lap dogs.

It’s all about knowing the tendencies of certain breeds and how they fit into your family’s lifestyle before making a decision. When it comes to bringing a pet into your home, everyone, including children, should be considered in the decision. Children up to 12 should also have some sort of training about how to behave around a new dog as well.

Be careful, some dog breeds are prone to being more aggressive than others. The last thing you want is your new dog to bite someone in your family or a stranger. This could lead to a legal problem. For those going through this scenario, consult with Brandon Broderick for options about how you should proceed.

With all this said, we’ve put together a list of top dog breeds who love to be a part of the family, but most of all, love children.

1. Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are at the top of almost everyone’s list when they’re in search of a new family dog, especially in the U.S. The breed is kind, calm, and easy to train. They are also exceptionally adaptable, capable of hunting and tracking, and will obey their owner.

2. Bulldog


Bulldogs are instantly recognizable, due to their wrinkled face. Not only are they extremely cute, but also an excellent friend for youngsters. These devoted canines can adjust to any environment — both city or rural — and enjoy spending time with their adopted family. Bulldogs aren’t like other dogs on this list, in regard to being really active. A Bulldog owner should know that they must go on regular walks to keep them in shape.

3. Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers rose to popularity as a result of a need for a mid-sized dog that could excel at both upland and waterfowl hunting. Because of the breed’s adaptability, intellect, and amiable disposition, it has become one of the most popular dog breeds in almost all fields of competition. They are also very devoted to their family, but have a lot of energy, so they are well suited for an active lifestyle. They are also eager to please their master, making for easy trainability.

4. Beagle


The Beagle’s true origins are unknown, since there is no solid documentation about its early days. Still, the Beagle is a wonderful family dog because of its small size, its short hair and is extremely smart. Due to being energetic, a Beagle needs a lot of exercise. They are very curious dogs as well, who need to be stimulated mentally. Due to their intellect, they are perfect for training.

5. Pug


Pugs are so cute. They’re little, but isn’t a lap dog that needs cuddling at all times. The Pug’s face and big eyes allow it to win the hearts of their families quite easily. For a Pug, their main motivation in life to be close to the family and to do all it can to please them. A Pug has an even temper and is adaptable to almost any circumstance, allowing it to live in a small city apartment or large property in the country. Brush them weekly to keep them groomed, because they will shed hair all the time.

6. Irish Setter


With appearances in popular movies like “Big Red“, the Irish Setter has been a popular breed of dog since the 18th century. However, you should be aware that the Irish Setter is a high-energy breed that enjoys spending time outside, making it ideal for busy families. A property with a lot of space will help an Irish Setter thrive. They are also outgoing, making them easy dogs to get along with for communities with a lot of kids outside playing.

7. Brussels Griffon


The Brussels Griffon can make for an energetic addition to your family. They yearn for interaction with the family, playtime and stimulation. Due to its short stature, the Brussels Griffon is a perfect dog for someone who lives in an apartment, but you must give them the opportunity to burn off some energy. They love to go on long walks to their master or the entire family.

8. Newfoundland


A Newfoundland breed possesses characteristics of intellect, loyalty, and gentleness. If trained, they are competent in learning at command. Newfoundlands also possess the intelligence to act independently when rescue work is required. Newfoundlands are wonderful family dogs because of these characteristics. Newfs also have a patient way about them, making them one of our top choices for families with small children.

9. French Bulldog


The French Bulldog is among the popular little dog breeds worldwide. The breed is versatile and gentle, making it ideal for families with children. It is also very trainable, though not the most athletic. Keep them in shape with regular walks.

10. Collie


Collies are well known for their ability to herd farm animals. They are powerful, extremely loyal to their master, loving to their family and very quick. Because they are high-energy and love to roam about, a Collie is best suited for an active household and a property with lots of room. A Collie needs exercise every day, but enjoys relaxing in their home with the family. Collies are among one of the best breeds you can choose for a family.

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