Best Tips To Go To The Beach With Your Dog

Bathing in the sea and playing in the sand are activities that dogs enjoy, although you have to be prepared to take the necessary measures to cope with high temperatures without putting them in danger, as well as ensuring their hygiene once they return home.

There is very little left for summer vacations and, on this occasion, you want to go with your pet. That is when the questions arise. Can you go to the beach with your dog? What are the main cares and things to consider? This article will cover almost all. If you plan a beach trip with your kids and your pets, there are some useful advises on sites such as

How to go to the beach with your dog

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Maybe it’s the first summer you have a pet or maybe you don’t have someone’s help to take care of it during your absence. Do not stay in the city! You can go to the beach with your dog and have a great time. To do this, keep these tips in mind:

1. Choose a pet-friendly beach

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There are more and more beaches that allow the entry of dogs, as long as they comply with certain rules such as having a leash and collar all the time or that is not large. Check those destinations accessible to pets and avoid problems. In USA Myrtle Beach is definitely a pet beach. You bring your dog Brewster Ice Cream, Sonic Drive-In, Oceanfront Bar & Grill, Patio Cafe & Bar, and Pizza and have top 15 dog-friendly hotels in Myrtle Beach.

2. Pack a ‘suitcase’ for your dog

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Just as with you or your family, the dog also needs to take certain things on vacation. For example the feeder and drinker, a toy that you love (especially if you want to play with him on the beach), a towel to dry it after it comes out of the water, a blanket to sleep comfortably at night, etc. For tips on moving your cats (or dogs) across the country, click here.

3. Keep it in the shade

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It is very important when you go to the beach with your dog that does not suffer a heat stroke, something to which dogs are very prone. During the hottest hours of noon, it would be good to return to the accommodation. If that is not possible, then you will have to leave him in the shade and with a good amount of freshwater available.

4. Attention with water

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If it is the first time you take your dog to the sea, you should take great care to avoid a water accident. It is true that they know how to swim and can leave without problems, although they can stay in the middle of a ‘swirl’ of water or go too far from the shore.

Also keep in mind that if the sea is very cold and the sand is hot, that temperature change may not be good for the animal’s health: it causes colds. It prevents you from drinking a lot of saltwater – worse with sand – because it can be bad for your stomach. Also, try not to get water in your ears: it causes infections such as otitis.

5. Keep it by your side all the time

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Although it is the most obedient dog in the world, when the dog goes to the beach it is in an unknown environment. This can cause changes in their behavior, especially if you see other animals nearby.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have it continuously at your side and on a leash. You can buy those extendable so you have a little more freedom, but never leave it loose.

6. Take Toys

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The beach is the ideal place to have a great time and spend the time that you may not have during the year. Take a ball or look for a branch or some object that you can throw and teach tricks.

Your dog will love playing for hours in the sand and will undoubtedly change his mood. Remember that exercise session should be held in the morning or in the afternoon, at the least hot hours.

7. The toilet is essential

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Dogs on the beach love to wallow in the sand and get dirty continuously. Also, when they get into the sea then they have an unpleasant smell in the fur. Therefore, once the day is over it is recommended giving you a small ‘bath’ to remove the sand.

Upon returning home, the logical thing is to take advantage of a little haircut, remove any knots that may have formed on those days on the beach and in the middle of nature.

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