Why You Should Develop a Web App Using Angular

Angular is a popular framework for developing single-page applications, web apps, and mobile applications used across many platforms. It is widely used in extending app functionality by helping to integrate many different third-party tools and APIs.

Angular helps to build different types of apps including media and chat apps, travel and location apps, weather apps, job portal apps, and social media apps.

Compared to many other app development JavaScript frameworks, Angular remains a favorite for many developers. Using the tool, you can integrate data into HTML, extend HTML attributes, and handle errors and events with ease.

It also helps to render HTML and controllers. Not only does it help development services to fast track and manage development tasks with ease, but it also suits web app and mobile development environments. It helps to modify J-query DOM libraries and provides excellent box binding and routing capabilities for developers.

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Below are those reasons explained in detail.

1. MVC architecture helps to develop apps with the feel and look of native apps

The software helps to develop apps faster and at a lower cost thanks to the component-based MVC. This is in addition to resulting in apps that offer a similar user experience to native apps.

2. Better user experience

Apps developed with this platform and software are highly engaging, whether they are built for mobile or other platforms. The result for using Angular also includes a robust and intuitive website with lean interfaces.

3. Maintains best coding standards

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Every time you mention coding, people will know you mean using hard-to-grasp programming languages. Additionally, traditionally, you would expect people coding to have high-level expertise and skills. However, Angular simplifies coding.

This is because it implements the HTML code. Hence, you would require the least of coding skills, development time, and lesser complexities. The app maintains the best industrial development practices that are tried and tested.

4. It integrates testing of apps

For all app development projects, it is necessary to choose a technical partner that understands how to do app testing. App testing allows you to detect errors in the app and to perfect them. With Angular, you can quickly and easily identify issues in-app performance, defects, and errors and fix them.

5. It is modular and easy to use

Angular allows you to develop flexible apps that have great architecture and functionality. As you develop the apps over time, you get to integrate features and add value to the apps developed with Angular.

6. Use filters to quickly and easily organize data

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When developing apps with Angular, filters let you better control the stored data and improve development precision. Using arrays, you can filter data by number, uppercase, lowercase, OrderBy, and many other aspects. Filtering data boosts app performance. It also eases the search function of the app.

7. Develop apps with speed

Due to easy-to-use testing methods and an easy-to-use MVC platform, the platform helps to speed up the development process. It also allows apps to be rebuilt at a quick pace.

8. Two-way data binding

The two-way data binding helps reflect changes on an app automatically. Hence, it is less time-consuming and easier to add value, rectify errors, and add new updates to the app.

9. Platform uses best development practices

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Angular makes it easy to fast-pace workflows by development teams since it follows best development practices. Using the platform, developers can accomplish desired results with minimal effort.

10. Google support

The platform is owned by Google. The platform is continually being updated and value is added to it through regular updates. This ensures maintaining the best features and functionality while non-useful functionality is removed. It also helps build a platform with the best user experience.

In conclusion, the developers favor the Angular app for its versatility. In addition to helping an Angular development company to quicken the development cycle, you can further reduce the cost of developing apps with this platform by hiring development outsourcing services. Angular suits any type of project and can be used to build any type of app.

Bonus Tip: Are There Any Alternatives?

WIthout any doubt, the list of benefits that users can get from Angular will certainly change your way of thinking. However, some people would want to know whether they have some alternatives that they can compare Angular with.

The good news is that alternatives do exist, and we will let you figure out on your own whether they can meet your requirements and expectations. Let’s analyze one by one together!


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React is probably the most popular alternative to Angular. For those that do not know, React is an “invention” of the Facebook developers. Because of that, you can be sure it comes with some modern features.

The first two that we have to mention are Virtual DOM and one-way data flow. Generally speaking, the battle between Angular and React has been popular in the world of app developers in the last year or two. Because of that, get ready to hear arguments for both types of frameworks!


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Vue is actually an open source JS framework that is an invention of “Evan You”. It is also a great tool for all the developers that plan to develop a single page application.

Identical to React, this type of JS framework works on the View Layer of the app. This automatically confirms another thing – Vue also come with Virtual DOM as well as a wide range of libraries that you can use.

Most features are similar to Angular and React, but, when you look closer, its template style is much closer to Angular. That is the reason why it deserves to be on the list of alternatives.


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Some app developers are going to use pure JavaScript to complete their job successfully. Well, if you are one of those developers, then using Meteor can be a good choice. Just like previous frameworks, this one is open source which allows you to easily run it on a server as well as from the client side.

You won’t have to deal with extra codes that are often annoying and time-consuming. This open source framework can easily transfer all the data changes from the client’s side thanks to MongoDB.

Generally speaking, no one says that you have to limit your work only to a single framework. Many developers would actually use Meteor together with Angular. Because of that, we suggest you put this option into consideration as well.


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Last but not least, an alternative to Angular that deserves your attention is Backbone. The easiest way to describe this framework is – matured platform that developers can use for the development of single page applications. THe library that comes with this platform is based on the so-called Model View Presenter architecture. Thanks to that feature, all the data is abstracted into models while DOM is abstracted into views.

Anyway, some of the features worth mentioning is Syncing that comes with the back-end Restful JSON interface. Despite that, it also comes with Event Drive communication which is an exceptional feature for many app developers. Thanks to these features, you will manage to design and develop web apps in an organized format.

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