How to Create Your Own Fashion Style as a Teenager

Being in your teenage years is the time when you invent yourself, and the time when you find your own voice, style, needs, and desires. It can be pretty difficult to decide on a thing, or even fight for the things you like when no one else around you likes them. It can be challenging to be interested in current trends if you just don’t feel like supporting them, and at the same time, it can be extremely scary to go against the flow when everyone around you is interested in the same things. Here, we are going to talk about your clothing, and we will tell you how to create your own fashion style as a teenager. We will help you find out which things work for you, and how to follow a trend or how to go against it and look amazing every day of your life.

What looks good on you?


You need to be aware of what looks good on you. All of us have different body types and shapes, and that is all completely normal and okay. You don’t have to feel bad because you have a shorter torso, wider shoulders, or some belly fat. No matter if you fall into the category of typical body shape; if you have a few extra pounds, or if you need to put on some weight, that is completely fine and clothes can make you look amazing.

However, you need to dress depending on your body, and you cannot expect the same piece to look good on you and all of your friends. Another thing that you need to remember as a teenager is that you should never compare with your friends or even models that you see on social media or TV.

Find pieces that look good on you, no matter what category they fall into. Once you find outfits that make you look taller, slimmer, more muscular, or anything else, you are going to find the style that you are looking for.

Don’t be afraid of checking out items that you haven’t worn before, and just because it is currently trendy does not guarantee that it is going to look amazing on your body. Sometimes form-fitting clothes are not the best way to go, and at other times, high-waist jeans are going to look bad on you.

Keep in mind that the sizing depends on the brand, as well as the fit, so if you wear S in one brand, does not mean that you won’t need to size up or down in another one.

Don’t focus on labels and look for pieces that look good for your body. Your style will depend on what pieces make you look and feel better, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Do you need to get inspired?


As teenagers, we need guidance, and a secret that we will share with you, no matter your age, even two decades from now, you will still need some inspiration and guidance to help you out. This is not a bad thing, and that is why big brands and fashion shows exist. You cannot know what’s good if you don’t get informed about it, and you won’t know if you like something unless you see it.

You cannot be expected to know the pieces in every store in the world, so don’t be afraid to look for inspiration from different brands.

Check out the items featured in Gstreet Cool if you are interested in some street-style fashion, and don’t be afraid to browse through the categories to find pieces that you like.

Do this with all brands that you may be interested in, no matter if they are in your price range or now. Right now, you are looking for inspiration, and you are not trying to purchase goods. Once you find a piece, no matter if it is pants, shirt, or even hats and shoes, go to the store and try them out. See if you like the fit and how it looks on you. If you can afford it, get it, if not, go to a similar store that offers pieces for much better and lower prices and get a similar item there.

You need to be smart when creating your style and you need to remember that you don’t need to spend thousands to create an outfit that is going to make heads turn on the street.

Is there a style that you like?


It is pretty difficult to ask someone to describe their exact style and to ask someone to be in one category only. You can lean into wearing casual pieces, but that does not mean that you don’t like the luxury, gothic, or even the vintage style.

It is completely okay to be in between categories or to like some pieces of one era and hate the rest. You don’t have to be confined to one look only, and you don’t have to limit yourself by not exploring anything else.

Steer style is extremely popular nowadays, so you may want to explore what you like about it, and what are the items you would not wear. Try to explore even looks that are out of your comfort zone. The easiest way to do this is to go to a store, grab a few pieces that you’ve never worn, go to the dressing room, and see how they look on you. You can make your decision on the spot and see if those are items that you would invest in or if it is something that you don’t want to wear.

Is there an icon that you admire?


When we are in our teenage years, it is fairly easy to get influenced by someone. However, that is not a bad thing. Having a positive influence on our style can help us out a lot, and just because you love how someone dresses, does not mean that you are going to copy everything that they wear.

You should try and find an icon that you like their style and try to see how those pieces are going to look on you.

This does not have to be someone who is popular today, and you can look for inspiration from models, musicians, movie stars, royals, or any other celebrity, well-known person, or even a family member.

Try to find pieces that look similar to an outfit you like on them, and see how they look on you. Keep in mind that you can get inspired by several individuals and combine different pieces to create your own personal style.

Keep these things in mind and remember that ultimately, you need to find something that you enjoy. Your fashion style will change over the years, so don’t try to rush. Enjoy your teenage years and give yourself and your style time to develop.

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