Useful Guide to Help You Choose Between Dedicated Server and VPS

Dedicated service and VPS (virtual private server) are the 2 best options available for those who are looking for secure hosting solutions. Both of them have their own pros and cons, which is why you need to know all about them, before making a choice for your business or individual needs.

In this post, we shall look closely at both the options, so that you will be able to make the right decision.

Dedicated Servers


The dedicated servers are meant for the use of only one client. The user has complete ownership of the hardware and all its resources. You can build and configure it in the way you like. They provide complete authority over software and hardware to its users so that they get to control them in the way they like. is a one-stop-shop for all your IT and system development needs. This company offers a wide range of IT solutions such as network solutions, gear solutions, server solutions, camera surveillance, cloud backup, telephony solutions, office 365, and more.



In VPS hosting, you will be sharing the physical resources of the hardware, which include RAM, hard drive, power supply, etc. You still get the features of a private server, as you get to own only a specific part of the resources. This hosting service is deployed by partitioning one massive server into various independent parts.

The virtualization layers give you the virtual environment, which functions more or less like a standalone machine. Each of these VPS partitions can run on their applications and OS. VPS hosting basically offers a virtual world to their clients. It enables several websites to use and distribute resources from one physical server.

This kind of hosting however poses restrictions on getting the master rights of the physical resources. Resources get allocated evenly, but the security is really good. It prevents the possibilities of one website stealing resources of another’s website. The web host will deal with configurations, installations, maintenance.

Understanding of distinction between dedicated servers and VPS


Dedicated servers are physical machines. There is no sharing of resources, as you are the sole owner of the hardware. On the other hand, VPS is a software construct. They are not physical machines assigned to you, but virtual partitions are operated on a dedicated server of the hosting company.

In VPS, the resources of main hardware such as operating system, hard drive, RAM, processor, etc are divided between various partitions/ VPS. A hypervisor is responsible to execute and manage various virtual accounts that communicate with the main OS of a dedicated server.

Pros of Virtual Servers in Comparison to Dedicated Servers


The virtualization of servers offers a multitude of advantages over dedicated types for both, the end clients, as well as to the hosting provider. It enables a hosting provider to split a costly dedicated machine among various clients.

In this way, it lowers the expense of client deliveries. The development of a new virtual server is simple. It is similar to running a dedicated account but offers more speed, and you will not have to buy the physical hardware to get it configured and connected.

Users of the VPS plan have to pay for the services, only till the time or tenure of their contract with the hosting provider. They are made available to the customers on monthly or annual contracts. VPS offers more flexibility, agility, and scalability over a short duration while being cost-effective at the same time.

Pros of Dedicated Servers in Comparison to Virtual Servers


Dedicated servers, also known as bare-metal servers, are characterized by performance, high-level security, and power. They are considered to be highly powerful among all types of hosting services available.

Virtualization of machines can give rise to issues related to resource contention, which can impact the overall performance. This is not a thing of concern in the case of dedicated types.

If you are looking for high performance and speed, then dedicated hosting will be the best bet. They are ideal for websites that experience predictable workloads or do not change very frequently.

In the case of dedicated hosting, only one person can get access to the hardware at one time. Virtual hosting, on the other hand, offer multi-tenant environments. Here, several clients can access a common environment.

They share the hardware among several clients, but offer lesser security and privacy when compared to a single-tenant environment i.e., a dedicated hardware system.

How to choose between VPS and Dedicated Hosting?


If your business comes across a lot of high-traffic websites, then VPS hosting might be the right solution. VPS provides users with access to root-level folders, while still allowing for simplicity and ease of a shared hosting environment.

Users of the VPS hosting service share the physical machine, but they do not have to worry about its security and maintenance.

On the other hand, in a dedicated hosting service, you own the entire hardware and software infrastructure. It provides you more speed, robustness, and improved hardware configurations. It is a big financial investment for any business. When you choose a dedicated hosting plan, you can be assured to get 100% Network Uptime. It does offer you more convenience but is pricier when compared to VPS.

Things to consider when choosing between a Dedicated and Virtual hosting plan


The selection of the hosting service depends on the requirements of the business. Follow the below tips to find the best hosting service for your customized requirements.

Begin by learning about resource allocation, and about the number of CPU cores your business will require, how much RAM do you require, how much data storage do you require, and if you require a lightning-fast SSD.

In the case of VPS, you should find out how many websites you will have to share the resources with. If you go for the dedicated hosting, you will need additional help to set up, configure, install, and maintain your hardware.


While dedicated hosting services offer you robustness, better hardware configurations, and heightened security, it is a bit too technical and will require more investment. VPS is comparatively cheaper, but you don’t get complete ownership of the hardware. Based on the evaluation tips, you should be able to choose the right hosting service for your business needs.

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