Top 5 Calisthenic Workout For Beginner

Calisthenics is becoming popular training as it demands nothing other than consistency, dedication, time, the right nutrition, and discipline. But these things also make calisthenics tough and not a piece of cake for everybody.  These are superhuman exercises that require great strength and the right amount of tension on particular muscles to perform rightly. In other exercises like weight lifting, you can achieve your training posture with the help of other muscles but calisthenics requires preciseness. Even if you have not achieved the right posture, you start losing nutrients, energy, and also weights in the middle of your journey. Here comes the role of MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer to replenish nutrients and energy. It also supports muscle endurance so that you can achieve your calisthenics posture as soon as possible. If you are interested in starting calisthenics you need to master some basic exercises.

Calisthenic Exercises For Beginners


To achieve a particular calisthenic, you have to do progressions. For instance, if you want to make a handstand, you need to master several progressions like push-ups, planks, lower back strengthening, shoulder push-ups, and many more. You can do all these workouts anywhere, anytime without the help of anybody and any gym equipment.

Here you will get calisthenic training for beginners that are very important to perform any kind of such exercise.



How many pull-ups can you make? Calisthenic Exercises For Beginners don’t demand at least 10 pull-ups without any support. It is the best workout to develop your core strength. For it, you need a bar or any support so that you can lift yourself with the help of your hands. It looks like you are lifting yourself with your hands but your complete body and muscles play an important role to perform these exercises that are usually unnoticed. Chin up is another variation of it where mainly your biceps and lower body play a crucial role to lift you up.



Stand between bars or any support and go down to ground then lift yourself. It applies the tensions on your elbows, triceps, shoulders, arms, and other muscles. If you can make 20 dips, you are ready to promote it to the next level. If you don’t have the bars, you can use a bench or exercise ball for support. But don’t use legs to lift yourself.



Squats are great for strengthening and building up leg muscles. If you are able to do 50 squats in one time you are ready for the next level that is jumping squats. This exercise is good for your lower back as well as complete leg muscles. So make 25 jump squats to switch to the next progression.



You have seen many people do push-ups. Now wondering what a point to do it. Actually, there are many push-ups, you have to complete all of them to get better and stronger muscles. Make normal push-ups 50. Once you have done it, try to do closed push-ups, one-hand push-ups, and two-finger push-ups. Make 10 each of them. Once you have completed these, you need to go for superman pushups, five clap push-ups, and many others.

Burpees and Crunches


This training combines exercises like jump, squat, and push-ups. And beneficial for the complete body. It helps to improve your overall athletic performance, strength, and body posture. Make 10 burpees and level up for the next strengthening exercises. Crunches are very crucial to make your core strong.  It supports your lower back and makes your abs strong that can be supportive while doing advanced levels of strengthening.

How MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Supports Calisthenics Beginners?


MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer comes in various forms as per an individual’s nutritional requirements. Calisthenics exercises require explosive energy to practice for long periods of time. At the same time, there are high chances of injury and muscle breakdown. So, fast recovery is very important while doing intense training. MB mass gainer contains carbohydrates and protein in a 3:1 ratio that offers both fast recovery and explosive energy. The supplement is a blend of five protein sources that maximize muscle mass and strength by providing speedy recovery. It is also a perfect blend of slow and fast metabolizing carbohydrates which helps to supply continuous and sufficient energy supply even after the exercises that also help in muscle strength and growth.

Along with these, the supplement is fortified with 27 essential minerals and vitamins to keep you active and healthy even after losing numerous vitamins in sweat. With a blend of digestive enzymes, the supplement provides better absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements so that the nutrients can be reached where it is most required.

Usually, we take supplements but could not do that much workout, or sometimes we do so much workout but couldn’t find the right amount of nutrients. And exposed to side effects. The combination of Calisthenics and a good supplementation is good for achieving great results.

Take away

Calisthenic posture is very hard to achieve. For that, you need dedication, learning, acceptance of your mistakes, right nutrients, and a lot of time. You will not find an easy way to achieve your calisthenic goals but one thing is guaranteed, you will enjoy the journey from the first day of the session. Once you will start, you will not see back. All the best.

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