How to Build a Brick Barbecue Pit For Your Backyard – 2024 Guide

If you have a spacious yard and want a unique detail to decorate it, you can opt for a lavish barbecue structure.

This unit is ideal for family gatherings and, in general, situations where the number of guests is large and when lunch is needed for more people. There is no such family lunch that can compete with socializing while grilling in the yard. Here are practical and easy tips on how to build this.

Below, we will present to you all the details you need to know to successfully build your own barbecue. Introduce you how to build a solid base and what tools and materials to use. Also, we will show you how to do the food preparation section next to your grill, the walls on the side … We will also give you some tips on how you can maintain your grill in the best way so it lasts for years.

A brick barbecue is an ideal addition to your yard or patio if you have the conditions to build it. It’s easy to make and use, and it makes it easy for you to prepare high-end meals that you can enjoy for a long time. This kind of barbecue will not rust and ruin, and you have to admit it looks much more attractive than the electric version.

There are two different types of built-in barbecues that are very easy to build – a stand-alone barbecue and a barbecue with an optional part for food preparation. The amount of creativity you incorporate into the design is up to you.

Where will you place it?


This is an important thing to decide and you need to do it early on. Once placed, you will not be able to move it around, so bear in mind that.

It should be somewhere near your house so you can easily take whatever you need, but still far enough because of the smoke that will spread around it.

Tips: If you like, you can add a seating area around the grill, but be sure to position it so that no one is bothered by the heat or the smells that are spreading.

You need to think about the path to your grill. If you are going to walk across the same part of your lawn over and over again, then it would certainly be a good idea to create a paved path that will beautify and complete the whole look.

The Foundation

The barbecue needs to be stable and therefore you need a strong foundation to support it, no matter how big or small it is.

It should be straight and resistant enough to support the weight. As you work on your base, consider your height and the fact that you will be standing in front of the grill as you prepare your favorite dishes and design height and position accordingly.

Materials required


First, you need to have a barbecue set. These kits can be specially designed to fit into this type with space for coal and other details.

Then, you need bricks and the number is up to you to decide on. You don’t want to make a barbecue too low or too high, so this is something you have to think about. Take a barbecue grill as a measure, and based on its proportions, create an outline picture of your grill and calculate the number of bricks. You need to make sure that the bricks are of good quality, refractory, and you can learn more here.

If you are also going to make a food preparation part, be sure to include the area and material you will need to build it.

You will need building sand and cement to make the mortar, while metal connectors will help you create angles and are available in different shapes and sizes.

You will make the plaster according to the instructions printed by the manufacturer on the packaging, without any replacement or adjustment, as this will risk poor or short-term results.

Tools required

Although an idea like this is first needed, when it comes to designing it, you need to think about the tools you need to be able to secure them on time. You need a durable base that will keep the cement you are working away from the tracks and lawns to begin with. Other tools you need: Mortar shovel, trowel, leveler, hammer, hand cutter, cement trowel, paint.

The process of construction


This might be the hardest part to do physically, but once you arrive at this stage, it means that all the major things are finished and solved. Now all you need to do is build one. However, that is not as easy as it sounds.

First make sure that the foundation of the barbecue is strong, steady and flat and then put one brick after another, connecting them with mortar, which you’ve prepared previously.

Make sure you clean everything at the end and check if the barbecue is operative. Once everything is fine, you can enjoy your meal. If construction is not your forte, it would be wise either to ask your friends for help or to hire professionals to build a barbecue for you. As the words of encouragement, building a barbecue isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so just follow the manual and you will be fine!


The more you use it, the sooner certain parts will wear out, logically. You can restore the grill and all its metal parts by using a special paint designed for it. Regular cleaning can be done with a wire brush, which is also the best way to maintain it.

If you accidentally damage the plaster during cleaning – know that it is nothing to worry about. The next time you have some free time, fix those tiny details and cracks, and your problem is resolved.


This DIY project is a little more challenging, but just follow our instructions and we have no doubt that you will succeed in this endeavor. If you’re not the type to do DIYs, but would love to have an outdoor grill, Outdoor Cooking Pros has some of the best options you can find on the market.

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