Best Football Highlights of 2019 So Far

Football is currently the most popular sport in the entire world, and with so many fans watching their favorite teams every day, there have been truly some amazing moments this year that are absolutely worth remembering. Today we’re talking about all of those spectacular things that happened during 2019 so far, and without any further ado, let’s take a look.

The Manchester City vs Tottenham spectacular game


A truly exciting match between two top-tier football teams which began very quietly but the silence was quickly interrupted by an amazing goal from Kevin De Bruyne in the fourth minute of the match. Manchester City manages to take the lead by 1:0, but this is where things started getting pretty interesting.

Upon celebrating, City’s fans were quickly disappointed by an amazing goal from Heung-Min Son who fires an amazing shot from a distance and quickly ties it up in the seventh minute of the match. In the tenth minute of the match there is yet another goal from Tottenham but only one minute after that, Manchester City manages to make it 2:2.

With four goals in just 11 minutes, all of the fans were left breath taken and wondering what’s going to happen next. The next ten minutes were pretty quiet again, but Raheem Sterling from Manchester City manages to fire an amazing shot and take the lead once again. Kevin De Bruyne makes an amazing pass to Sergio Aguero who then smashes the ball inside Tottenham’s goal and makes it 4:2.

Tottenham’s Fernando Llorente is quick to make it 4:3. Now the game is pretty close and a small mistake from both teams can lead to a big change, but all hopes for Tottenham are ruined when Sterling from Manchester City manages to score once again, making it a 5:3. After a short disruption, the referee says that the goal was not valid, so the result goes back to 4:3. From here the game is extremely close but Tottenham doesn’t manage to score a goal, so Manchester City manages to close up the match.

Seven goals (with almost eight) in such a football match between two great teams is quite amazing, and it is pretty much safe to say that everyone who was watching this was on the edge of their seat at all times. A truly amazing match and it will definitely go down as one of the most memorable ones in 2019 so far. If you want to see more highlights such as this one, make sure that you visit

Real Madrid vs Ajax


Another spectacular game where nobody was really expecting Ajax to win, especially not with such a huge lead. The game ended up with five goals, and here’s how the game was carried out. A quiet start until the 7th minute when Ajax’s player Hakim Ziyech fired an amazing shot into the left side of the net to take the 1:0 lead.

In the 18th minute, Ajax managed to score another goal when David Neres collected a pass and he lifted the ball over Thibaut Courtois and increased the lead even further with 2:0. We proceed to have about thirty minutes of a quiet game when Dusan Tadic scores another goal by firing an impossible shot in the top left corner of Real Madrid’s goal.

The score is now 3:0. Just about eight minutes after that, Real Madrid manages to reduce Ajax’s lead by scoring a goal and making it 3:1.

Real Madrid’s fans are not given enough time to celebrate as Lasse Schone from Ajax does a free-kick and hits the right corner of the net.

Now the score is 4:1 and all hopes of Real Madrid suddenly sink into the ground. In the 87th minute, Ajax has yet another chance to score a goal but they are unfortunate and the ball doesn’t get in. Nobody was expecting such a game from Ajax, a phenomenal performance and definitely one of the most memorable ones in 2019.

Juventus vs Ajax


This match didn’t have so many goals as the previous two examples, but nobody expected such an exceptional performance from Ajax. The game ended up being 2:1 in favor of Ajax, and Juventus lost their spot in the league. Here’s how the goals were carried out.

Up until the 27th minute the match was pretty quiet, there were some chances for both teams but nothing really special. In the 28th minute, however, Juventus’s Miralem Pjanic carried out a beautiful corner pass that found Cristiano Ronaldo who then fired an amazing shot straight into the right side of the goal. Juventus took the lead and their fans were just firing up the stage with songs and chants. Even though the referee was unsure if the goal is legit or not, after checking the VAR everything was claimed to be legit.

This was quite demoralizing for Ajax, but just a couple of minutes later, in the 36th minute to be more exact, Ajax scores an amazing goal. The referee is unsure of the decision once again, but after a quick break, he says that the goal stands. Donny van de Beek is celebrating along with Ajax’s fans who now become even louder than Juventus’s.

Finally, in the 67th minute, Lass Schone passes the ball to Matthijs de Ligt with a beautiful corner shot and Ligt jumps as high as he can and plants the ball into the left side of the goal. Ajax takes the lead with 2:1 and their fans are going crazy. The game ended up with 2:1 in favor of Ajax, and even though Juventus had a chance for a penalty, the judge said that it’s not valid after looking at the VAR in the 90th minute of the game.

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