Best Background Pavilions Ideas 2024

If you enjoy drinking coffee in the yard with your family and neighbors, then a garden pavilion will be the ideal place for it. Here, you can enjoy nature hidden in the shade from the sun. It is a place where you can get some privacy or read some good books.

It’s a place to simply enjoy yourself. But what if your garden is small and yet surrounded by trees that will not allow you to make a gazebo? We may have the solution for this. Hopefully, some of our tips will help you make your perfect backyard corner!

Small Backyard – Great Enjoyment

Small gardens cover less space – but you can also let your imagination run wild. At first glance, it seems that such a small surface cannot be attractively arranged, but with a little effort and good ideas you can make a true paradise for relaxation and enjoyment.

The most important thing is to properly and beautifully incorporate the details into a harmonious whole. First, you have to decide what style you want to arrange your backyard. The formal style means an elegant garden with clear lines, while the informal is characteristic of a rural setting, or a romantic garden. When you choose materials, take care to match them to the architecture of the house.

Are You Thinking Of A Backyard Pavilion?

If you are the owner of a spacious yard, wooden pavilions can be the right choice for an ethnic-style garden. It can be a very effective and useful part of your backyard or a garden. It is important to plan the size and position of the pavilion to fulfill its basic function – which is to have a better view of the garden.

This way it will allow you peace, rest and true enjoyment. A nice pavilion or a gazebo provides us with sun protection, allowing you to enjoy the greenery and flowers during spring and summer.

What Type Of Pavilion To Choose?

Pavilions can be built differently – starting with the simplest ones that are prefabricated and are made up of supporting columns, beams, and slats on them. You can easily and quickly make them yourself with very little skill and material.

You can leave free space between the supporting columns without fence elements, or you can fill that space with a hedge, etc. More sophisticated and spacious summer pavilions with a spacious roof covered with tile, foundation, and other details, are almost like small log cabins.



If you have already decided on this option, you must understand that the construction of a pavilion also requires a certain space. Therefore, you need to free that part of the yard from anything that can be a barrier to construction. These can be trees or old stumps. For these situations – you need the help of professionals such as

By using professional gear, they will properly remove the trees or stumps which can obstruct the construction of your pavilion. The most important stability elements for a summer residence are the foundation and the supporting columns. That is why there should be nothing but the clear ground below your pavilion. The concrete foundation of the pavilion will extend the life of the wood as it will prevent direct contact with soil moisture.

Material Selection

The best choices for the yard are wooden summerhouses. They will fit as the most natural part of the garden, while you can use reed or oak wood for the roof. Such pavilions are also made of combined materials such as old bricks, pepper tiles for roof construction, etc. All model structures are mainly made of pinewood.

Shape And Dimensions


You can use a handful of ideas here. It all depends on the size of the available space and your taste. The most common are quadrangles and hexagonal, octagonal, asymmetric, etc. Dimensions are your personal choice and depend on how much space you have in the yard. Here you can let your imagination run as long as you want, and the only limiting factor is space. The ideas are countless.

Buy It Or Make It?

You can create a simpler pavilion yourself. These are the ones with smaller dimensions of just a few squares. You can also buy them ready-made and just place them on the proper surface. There are also special ones with fountains, pavilions with glass or nylon windows, etc. So, you can choose whatever you prefer.

Such pavilions can be used from spring to autumn for enjoying the outdoors. Make a special interior in them by installing tables with benches or chairs, add a hammock or a simple net. With the installation of lighting, you will enjoy the yard in the night and the evening.

A Place To Enjoy


There is no nicer backyard decoration than a lovely pavilion that offers shelter from the sun or wind and does not deprive you of the comfort of drinking coffee or hanging out with friends in the fresh air. Besides the possibility of serving as storage when being out of the season – pavilions are undoubtedly a decorative element of the yard and an irreplaceable escape from the summer heat.

Do it yourself!

If you are even slightly skilled, you can make the garden pavilion yourself. First, concretize the base and then install wooden beams – measuring 10 x 10 cm as columns. Then, construct the roof structure –  depending on the shape you desire.

It can be rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal, etc. Connect the roof structure to the floor, and cover it with the desired tile. In the end, coat the wooden surfaces and install metal corner brackets. Canvas pavilions or awnings cost around 80 to 100 euros and generally last one season. So make your own wooden pavilion or a summer house for yourself. It will cost you more, but it will certainly last much longer.

Paint Your Special Corner


A shady courtyard is a wonderful place for an afternoon break in the summer, but it can often look dark and gloomy. Therefore, brighten up your pavilion with special garden furniture, colorful pillows, fabrics, rugs, and pots in various colors and patterns.

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