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Ashton Meem Net Worth 2024 – Biography, Life and Earnings

It is a custom for celebrities to engage in marriage with partners who are brand new to the celebrity world; Ashton Meem seemed to have landed herself to one celebrity of that caliber. Ashton Meem was married to an American Football player Russell Wilson. Perhaps you wonder what happened to this couple, don’t worry anymore because before you see the last period in this article all your questions about Ashton Meem life, wealth, family and so on will be fully attended too.


Ashton Meem was born on 6th September 1987, born of American parents Lang Meem and his wife Molly in Virginia. She spent her early life in Virginia where she underwent her basic education at St. Catherine High School. After she graduated from St. Catherine, she joined the University of Georgia, after spending 3 years at the University of Georgia she moved to North Carolina State University where she qualified with a BA in communication in 2010.

After her graduation at Carolina State’s, she had internships with several firms with the aim of media marketing. She later landed on American Family Insurance Coy as their advertising operation assistant till to date.

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Ashton was a vocabulary to many until her marriage to an American Football plays maker Russell Wilson in the year 2012 in June. For your information; Russell and Meem’s relationship date back as far as their high school times. They briefly met during their high school but realized they had something in common that could pair them as a couple when they attended a summer party together.

They managed to keep their relationship in good health at the early age of their campus life when Ashton was studying at Georgia and Russell was attending States at Carolina. Russell is a man of speed and action not only in football but in life as well, he proposed to Ashton immediately after her graduation in 2010. Early 2012, in January they tied the knot before he could establish his carrier with the Seattle Seahawks.

The two had good times with no kids for two years with a rosy marriage until 2014 when rumors had it that Ashton had an affair with one of Russell’s teammates. Though Tate the alleged flirt teammate to Meem tried to clear the air over the matter, Wilson could not withstand the infidelity allegation facing Ashton and called for divorce in 2014.  At the time of divorce, Wilson had good times in his profession after leading Seahawks to emerge Super Bowl XLVII Championship in 2013 in a glorious way.

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The Quarter Back has been named in several bookies in his career; six times to the pro bowl and was named NFL Rookie of the year in 2012. His career has been full of good times for him with tremendous achievements.

Since she was divorced from Russell, she has kept a low profile on dating. She has never been spotted with anyone to date. On the other side, Wilson only took a break of one year and hooked Ciara a famous American singer. The duo appeared at the white house for a meeting with the retired president Barack Obama and Shinzo Abe in April 2015.

On July 6th, 2016, they vowed each other at Peckforthon Castle in Cheshire, England.  A year later, the couple welcomed their first kid, bouncing baby girl named Sienna Princess Wilson in April 2017.


Ashton Meem is famously known from two standpoints; her excellent entrepreneurial and consultancy skills as well as her high school boyfriend and ex-husband. Having studied at St. Catherine high school later joined the University of Georgia and transferred to North Carolina State University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Meem started her career as a media marketing intern with reputable American Media companies and later advanced to the consultancy of the highest professional level, earning a descent Salary per year.

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Since the messy end of her marriage with Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson, besides Tate-Meems relationship uncertainties that have existed since the divorce (2014), there has been no clearly established relationship affair associated with Meem or perhaps it does not exist. Meem Ashton enjoys social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with over 22K followers on Insta.

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Ashton being a career woman with great entrepreneurial skills, she has ventured into different areas in search of fortunes. After her graduation she worked as an intern for Media Company, she later began buying and selling art, she also tried out consultancy career. Though with the many money inlets, she made most of her wealth and earning from her job as an advertising assistant with American Family Insurance.

Meem is worth $4 million and is believed to have had a boost from the divorce suit. As for her Ex-husband, he is believed to have a net worth of $41.8 million generated from his career in football, endorsement, sponsorship and his clothing line named Nordstorm under the goodman brand launched in the year 2016.

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With a life full of ups and downs for any human, Ashton’s life has been faced with more challenges than she anticipated for as anyone else could. Though with a broken marriage, Meem enjoys one thing that still stands firm in her and with her for her, her career with American Family Insurance and her outstanding performance with the firm as well as in her side hustles.

After the ill happening, divorce with Russell in 2016 she has decided to enjoy her life silently outside Hollywood cameras and life scrutiny. She has kept her love affair life off the public if she happens not to be single, with all her efforts on scaling her career life to great heights.

Keeping all known behind the curtain, Ashton Meems seems to have a good life with all thoughts and energy directed in perfecting her career and sharpening her outstanding entrepreneurial skills.

Basing from the Russell and Ciara timing from marriage to their first kid, something remains a puzzle to our bench. What happened with the duo’s two years of marriage without a kid and the present state of no known child to one Ashton Meem?

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