Are Cheap Blue Light Glasses Effective?

No matter if you work in the sales department or if you’re a content writer like me, you probably need to spend a lot of time on your computer, laptop, and/or smartphone because of your job. However, staring at any screen will leave you exposed to blue light, something that can cause your eyes to become irritated, watery, strained, or completely dry.

Of course, you cannot escape using your PC, laptop, or phone, which is why you can try wearing blue light glasses. But, with so many options out there – both cheap and expensive – you might be wondering are cheaper blue light glasses actually effective? Luckily, you’ll be able to find the answer in the article below, so, let’s take a closer look at the things you should know:

What Are These Beneficial Accessories?


Before we look at whether or not cheaper models are as effective as the more expensive ones, it’s important for you to understand what these glasses are. When something generates light, there are various colors that vibrate at different wavelengths. This light is also referred to as HEV waves, which is exactly what resembles the potentially harmful radiation that the sun generates.

Of course, this ‘artificial’ blue light isn’t as strong as the one that the sun generates, however, since we spend a lot of time on our devices, looking at their screens, the exposure can quickly add up and do some damage to your eyes. The lenses are manufactured in a specific way, and they could help lower the effects of digital eye strain and you could improve your sleep pattern by wearing them.

The pairs that you can buy will block a certain level of this light with a specific layer that is capable of reflecting some of the waves away from your eyes. How much they’re able to block will depend on the model you opt for buying. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from various choices including some that have a yellow tint while some others look completely clear.

So, Do Cheaper Options Work as Well?


As we already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, there is a wide range of options that you can choose from, which means that those decisions will influence the price quite a lot. And, since you did some digging, you have probably seen that the price tags for these accessories vary quite a lot.

Now, you should know that the price of the models isn’t dictated by the quality of the lenses, instead, it’s dictated by the materials used to manufacture the frame, as well as the design and print of the frames as well. Hence, if you choose to purchase a pair that cost $25, there will have the same benefits as some that cost $125.

The only difference between cheaper and more expensive options is the fact that you’ll probably have fewer alternatives to choose from if you want to buy cheaper models. Additionally, since they also might be made from cheaper and less durable materials, they might not last you as long as they would if they were more expensive.

How to Choose The Most Suitable Option?


According to the experts from, there are some things that you must consider when opting for a pair of such accessories, especially since it’ll allow you to opt for a model that’ll completely suit your needs and requirements. Some of the things you should consider and keep in mind when browsing include things such as:

  1. Keep an Eye on The Blockage Percentage

One of the first things that you should look at is the blockage percentage offered by a specific pair of glasses. Some of the industry standards that you might find with these glasses aren’t only based on the entire science behind glasses, it’s also based on the color science needed to manufacture such accessories.

So, when you’re looking for a pair for yourself, you should keep an eye on the industry standards, mostly because some companies choose to create their own ratings, hence, ensure that you know what the industry standards are, and then search for a pair that is suitable for the needs you have.

  1. Don’t Buy Models That Have Orange Lenses

Although these lenses were considered the most reliable and most effective at one point, they’ll most definitely hurt your sleep period. How is that possible? Well, although it can be harmful to the eyes, the body still requires some amount of this light throughout the day. If it doesn’t get it, it might cause you to have trouble sleeping.

When browsing for a specific model, it’s always best to choose an option that will still allow you to get some amount of the light, and by doing so, you’ll be capable of keeping your sleep rhythms in sync. This means that you should opt for models that feature clear, yellow, or even pink lenses.

  1. Red Lenses Are The Most Effective Option

Before we conclude this article, it’s worth mentioning that red lenses are the most effective, particularly if you opt for using them several hours before you go to bed. This is something that is quite important if you work nights or if you plan on sleeping right when you’re done with using your phone or computer.


If you’re someone that works on a computer all day or if you need to work on your smartphone device for a long time, it might be wise for you to purchase blue light glasses. Not only will they protect your eyes from the dangerous waves emitted by your devices, but, they’ll also prevent digital eye strain which can cause the eyes to be irritated and watery.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of companies that want to assist people with preventing eye strain caused by the screens of their devices. Muunel, for instance, strives to aid people with their product by providing high-quality, tested, Eco-friendly, and comfortable blue light glasses.

Hence, now that you’re aware of all the wonderful things these lenses can assist you with, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your time. Instead, you should open up your browser and start searching for a pair of glasses that will keep your eyes protected from the waves your devices emit.

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