How Long Does It Take To Fully Recover after Lasik Eye Surgery

Do you feel like getting Lasik eye surgery done? Are you trying to get an appointment for the surgery, but the recovery thoughts and process are brimming you now and then?

The first thing that you need to know is that you are not alone. Anyone who has undergone this treatment has had these thoughts, and with time, the recovery period kicked in pretty well.

Any other medical treatment would recommend you to rest, and the same case stays for this treatment. If you want to receive, you need to give your eyes the rest it deserves. Some many medical practitioners and surgeons would recommend you to rest and sleep for atleast 3-4 hours after the surgery.

The doctor covers the early stage of healing after the surgery as they help you with shades to cover your eyes. You might have spotted people with black shades.

The degree of pain during the treatment differs from one person to the other. Some people might not experience any pain at all. While for others, the process might include burning sensations or an itchy feeling in the eyes for some time after the treatment. If you have this feeling, you need not worry as it will last for hours and disappear on its own.

There are some changes that your eyes will witness after the treatment. It is normal, and hence, you need not worry. You can experience nothing at all or anything from the following:

• Temporary vision changes that will go away with time. Dry eyes can accompany it. It can last for some time, but after a few days of the process, it will be fine.
• Minor sensitivity to light followed by some degree of pain and discomfort.
• The random appearance of moisture in the eyes leads to blurry vision.
• Struggling with clear vision, especially during the wee hours of the morning or late at night.
• Pink or red patches or small dots on the sclera of the eye.
• Issues with capturing the surrounding lights.

Recovery Process


If you ask about the immediate period for recovering from the surgical changes, it begins immediately after the process is concluded. The immediate period can last for 6-12 hours. However, the variation is patient-specific. Many factors can be attributed to the same. In some cases, patients can attain proper vision after 24 hours of the process. At the same time, some patients can also take 3-5 days to heal.

If you belong to that group of patients who witness blurry vision or fluctuations in their eyesight, you need not worry, as it will go away after some weeks.

After all, there has been a change in the eyes, and adjustments will take time.

Blurriness after the treatment can stay for 3-4 hours. That’s why a nap of the same duration is recommended.



Follow-ups are important in the recovery process with your Lasik surgeon Austin. After the surgery, the first 24-48 hours are crucial, and your doctor should be visited during this time. The surgeon will conduct the following important steps:

• Examine the treated area’s condition after the surgery to find any new changes or developments.
• Test the vision and give recommendations based on the same.
• Give some suggestions related to the cleanliness and hygiene of the treated area.
• The doctor can help you with the names of some tear drops or eye drops that can prevent issues related to swelling, inflammation, or potential infections.

The eye is made of different small and big nerves that need proper healing before you jump into the normal course of life. Hence, you need to spend a minimum of 6-9 months after the surgery for eye care in the name of recovery. In some cases, the recovery can extend to 12 months when the cornea damage is more.

Time For Recovery


The first few months are dedicated to the healing process of the cornea. Hence, you should not feel that the role of your doctor has ended after the lasik eye surgery illinois. In a real sense, the role of the doctor has started. Surgery is something that many doctors will help you with, but the post-treatment care process is customized based on your condition. Hence, you should ensure to be in touch with an experienced professional.

Now, the recovery process begins. For some people, the process can be short, and they can return to their routine 5-6 weeks after the surgery. You should closely monitor your progress and healing. The follow-up appointments are for this thing.

See, resuming normal activities is not much of an issue. You can do that anytime, but your eyes should feel healthy to do these things like earlier.

For example, the first month is somewhat strict. Experts suggest that you should focus on your basic work during this time. Exercising or physical activities like swimming and hot baths should be avoided. Also, infections don’t knock before appearing. Hence, for the betterment and quick recovery of the treated area, you should avoid using the following for atleast 2-3 after the completion of the process.

• Creams or makeup
• Lotions
• Astringents
• Mascara or loose powder

If you begin using these things before the prescribed time, you will delay recovery.

Also, there are some things that you should take slowly after the process.

• Driving should not be started before 3-4 weeks. It would be best if you had someone as a company who would do it for you. You can sit in the passenger’s seat.
• You should limit the screen time to 1-2 weeks.
• Also, you should avoid travelling and avoid using public transportation.


Refractive errors in the eyes have a viable solution in Lasik eye surgery Houston. The treatment helps reduce people’s dependency on glasses and renders benefits like improved vision. It is a painless treatment and ensures good results in the future. However, results are largely dependent on post-surgery care. It is an important step, and you should not do anything until you are sure that the recovery period has ended qualitatively.

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