6 Trendy Ways To Use Marble Wallpaper In Your Home

Marble has been used for centuries. The Pantheon in Athens, the Taj Mahal in Agra, and the Washington Monument are only to name a few famous and majestic structures that incorporate the use of it. However, with rising costs in procuring marble, using true marble as part of home décor can get quite expensive. Not to mention, how heavy it is.

Wallpaper is equally rich in history and also has been used for centuries. It is said that the earliest forms of wallpaper were made using various techniques from woodblock printing, hand-painting, and stenciling. So, by now you are probably wondering what marble and wallpaper have to do with one another. Enter marble wallpapers, and about them, you can learn here.

In today’s modern world, you can now incorporate the luxurious look of it with the convenience of modern light-weight wallpaper to give your home a look that even ancient Romans would envy, all without breaking the bank. Today, we will discuss 6 trendy ways to use this luxurious-looking type of wallpaper in your home.

Frame It


Perhaps it’s time the walls around the house are in need of something special. Boring walls can leave anyone lacking in motivation. So inject some fun into them and promote feelings of inspiration by framing marble wallpaper as if it is a piece of art that was purchased at an art gallery.

DIYers would typically create a picture frame themselves with wood then use plywood or something similar to attach the wallpaper to. Voila! An awe-inspiring and, perhaps even, thought-provoking piece of art that can be hung up anywhere in the home, displaying a refined taste of home décor.

Sleep Like a Ruler

As mentioned, both mediums have been used for centuries, and it all began with dynasties and rulers who have made both the mediums popular during their reign and through today’s modern society agreed

Take a page from their book and use gold marble-designed wallpaper on one or all of the walls of the bedroom. This gives the room an extravagant and glamorous theme while also providing the lux and comfortable feel of a Roman/Greek/Egyptian ruler’s bedroom chamber.

Sit On It


Outside of using this particular type of wallpaper for walls, why not use it to decorate a window seat? Window seats are great for ambiance and are also used as a way for natural light to make its way inside the home while providing a seating area.

Remove the cushion from the window seat then clean the surface. Once it’s clean, free of debris and dust, cut wallpaper to size and adhere it to the surface of the window seat.

Once completed, the window seat can now be used as both an elegant, far from standard, seating area and a picturesque food serving area for gatherings.

Blogger/Influencer: Photog Time

Now that the window seat went through a makeover, why not also use it as a backdrop for all your photog-foodie moments? Many of us have seen delicious food captured and posted online while most of us don’t even really pay attention to the background.

Level up, by using your window seat that is now covered in marble-Esque wallpaper to really catch the audience’s attention. There is nothing more to say than “lavish” with a bowl of cereal with some fruit toppings and a golden spoon in it while placed atop of a “faux” marble counter.

Floor It


It is not about driving, it’s about the floors. Picture walking into a room with marble floors. It sounds expensive but magnificent, doesn’t it? Using marble-looking wallpaper doesn’t have to be exclusive to walls or furniture. It can also be applied to the floors of the home.

The first step would be to measure the floor area that will be wallpapered. Then, inspect the floors for any cracks or imperfections that may need to be patched up.

Fix any floor imperfections then thoroughly clean the floors and free them from any dirt and debris. Some instructions online indicate suggest applying polyurethane in several coats before wallpapering the floor. Then wallpaper the floor.

Once completed, use a sealant, like floor varnish, to protect them, now, faux-marble floors while also giving it a natural shiny marble appearance.


If the idea of having a marble-looking window seat wasn’t enough, try out this next trendy way of using marble-designed wallpaper. Countertops are always the first thing anyone notices when it comes to the kitchen. Similar to applying wallpaper to a window seat or the floors of the home, these wallpaper can also be applied to kitchen countertops.

In fact, this is actually what many DIYers do to give their kitchen a marvelous and fancy look without spending a lot of money, such as in the case when using true marble.

As with all the other trendy projects previously mentioned, prepping the surface is key. The next time someone walks into your “marble” kitchen, they will be sure to think you’ve won the lottery.

These are only to mention 6 trendy ways to use and incorporate these wallpapers around your home. Inspire, motivate, and breathe new life into your home and home decor by using this type of wallpaper today. Live in luxury and elegance without spending extravagantly.

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