8 Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina. It has nearly 880 thousand people who make it the 16th biggest city in the United States. Besides that, it is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

Many factors had an impact on the growth of this city. One of them is definitely a business perspective. In the last couple of years, many people in this country have developed successful businesses. Yet, this is not the only reason why Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing towns in America. It is also attractive for tourists from all parts of the world.

The entertainment in Charlotte comes in many different forms including sporting events, dance and theater, dining, concerts and more. There are many different places that every tourist should visit. Keep in mind that Charlotte is a big city and you won’t be able to visit everything without transportation. Consider an experienced limo or car service driver, like, who is familiar with the Charlotte area, and can transport you to the best destinations. It will make the traveling process much easier.

Anyway, we want to highlight some of the most popular places and to explain to you which type of entertainment you can expect.

Levine Museum of the New South


If you are a history geek, then this place is a perfect choice for you. This especially counts if you are a big fan of post-Civil War history. The Levine Museum of the New South will teach you everything about this period of American history. Tourists will be able to see permanent exhibits such as Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers that show some of the most critical moments of this city. Besides that, you can learn more about political and social changes in the South that happened during history.

This museum is so famous because this part of the country has the most vibrant history.

Enjoying at Freedom Park


People usually travel because they want to relax and clear their minds from their everyday problems. Well, visiting Freedom Park is the best way to do that. Believe it or not, this peaceful oasis has around 100 acres of pristine natural beauty. Except that, the entire park is surrounded by a 7-acre lake. Around that lake, you can find volleyball and tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, athletic field, etc. You can expect to see musical and film performances that are held almost every day. So, if you want to go for a walk in Charlotte, there is no better place than Freedom Park. Your mood will drastically improve!

Action at Charlotte Motor Speedway


If you are a big fan of adrenalin, races, and vehicles, then this place is the perfect choice for you. The size of the speedway is over 200 acres. Many tourists testified that they had experienced great entertainment here. The reason is simple – each tourist will be able to drive one of the real cars. Isn’t this a dream of the majority of the speed fans?

Visit US National Whitewater Center


Believe it or not, this is the world’s largest man-made river. However, it is also a non-profit athletic and recreation center. Every visitor can choose between many outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

The variety of land and water activities is adapted to all generations. For example, some of the entertainment that you can expect is rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking etc.

Discovery Place

Once again, we come to education. Still, this time, the destination is perfect for lovers of all sorts of scientists. This is a family-family museum that is interesting for all members of the family.

More precisely, it doesn’t matter if you are 12 or 52. There is a big chance you will learn something new. However, it is the perfect one for the youngest generations. Kids will have a chance to learn about bugs, space travel, and many different areas in an entertaining and fun environment.

Support Local Farmers at the 7th Public Market

Are you a big fan of healthy food? Actually, it doesn’t matter. Even if you usually eat fast-food, this place can change your habits completely. In the 7th Public Market, you will be able to find many home-grown products, freshly baked bread, etc. Besides that, there are also some drinks that you can try out only in this place. For instance, the local farmers are selling wines and deliciously brewed coffee.

You can visit this market whenever you want because it works 7 days a week. More importantly, by buying this delicious food and drinks, you will support local farmers from this part of the country.

Explore the Billy Graham Library


Have you ever heard about Billy Graham? He was a famous world-wide pastor from this city that became one of the best writers in the world. During his life, he wrote 33 books, and a couple of them became bestsellers of that time. Believe it or not, his net worth was 25 million dollars.

This location is 40000 square feet big, and it has 20 landscaped acres. You will be able to see how his life changed from a farm boy to one of the richest writers in the world. Besides that, you will be able to research his library. The entire tour lasts for around 1.5 hours.

NASCAR Hall of Fame


It is not possible to end this article without putting NASCAR Hall of Fame on the list. It is the most attractive place in Charlotte. We can say it some sort of city’s symbol.

This giant complex is 150000 square feet big. Visitors can be able to see different interactive exhibits, informative displays, hand-on presentations about cars, races, fans, etc. You will be able to see the most modern 278-seat High Octane Theater. This theater plays an informational film about NASCAR’s history. Besides that, you will be able to see more videos with an innovative graphic in the Great Hall.

Finally, you will also be able to visit Race Week. It is an interactive area where you will be able to see a behind-the-scenes preparation. The NASCAR team prepares here day before the race.
So, what do you think? Which of these places would you pick?

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