Which Cameras Are Used in Photo Booths

Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business or if you simply want to ensure that the special events at your company are more fun, you might be interested in purchasing a photo booth.

However, if you’ve never purchased such equipment before, you might be wondering what types of cameras are commonly used in photo booths.

If you want to choose a suitable option for your needs, it’s important that you understand the technology behind this type of equipment, more specifically, the cameras that are used. To help you make a good choice, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that can help you throughout the choosing process:

1. Which Cameras Are Most Commonly Used in Photo Booths?


The first question that you might want to see the answer to is which cameras are most commonly used in photo booths. In most situations, there are two types utilized in such equipment – webcams and DSLRs. Additionally, if you’ll be purchasing an iPad booth, you’ll naturally need to utilize the iPad camera that has been built into the front of the device. If the stall operated on Windows or Mac OS, you could attach a high-definition webcam or a more powerful DSLR device to it.

Now, we must mention, that the program and software you choose to use will determine what device could be utilized in the booth. This means that, before you go ahead and purchase a model that you prefer, you must check whether or not the program in the stall could support it. You must keep in mind that there is a wide range of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras suitable for this equipment, hence, before making a decision, guarantee that you check which options you can choose from.

2. What Events Could I Utilize it For?

Even if you’re thinking about purchasing a booth to make events at your company more interesting, you should know that you can, for instance, opt for renting it later on. This means that, when you aren’t using the booth, you could rent it in order to make some extra profit, which you can then use for other things within your organization. Basically speaking, any event where individuals celebrate something can feature a booth.

This includes company parties, holiday events, anniversaries, corporate events for promoting specific brands, baby showers, and, of course, weddings! You should know, that different photo booths will have different features, hence, one that you could get for a wedding will probably be different from the one you can get for a corporate event. If you’re interested in renting or purchasing corporate photo booths, you can check this organization out.

3. Which is Better – a DSLR or an iPad Booth?


The very first thing that you should know about these two models is that there is one important difference – the device utilized for powering both options is different. Each booth will require three things to function – a camera, a program, and a PC/tablet. An iPad model is powered by a tablet and an app installed on it, as well as the camera featured on the pad. However, a DSLR option is attached to a camera that will take pictures of people.

Now, we must mention that if you wish to make sure that the photos are high in quality and that they have a higher resolution, it’s better if you choose a DSLR booth. Nonetheless, both can offer amazing additional features such as green screens, slow-motion videos, and so on. So, although they can provide you with identical features, it’s best to choose a DSLR booth if you want to ensure that it produces high-quality photographs.

4. What Type of Booths Can I Opt From?

There are three types of booths that you can opt from – vintage, enclosed, and open-air models. As you might have guessed from the name, vintage models are small and enclosed and they most commonly have enough space for one to three individuals. In most cases, they don’t feature a screen where you could look at yourself before the photo is taken. Next, are enclosed models that are similar to the previous model, however, they can accommodate more people and they’re easier to set up.

Lastly, an open-air model is a structure with a camera, backdrop, and a screen that’ll take photographs. Since it’s built in an open space, it can accommodate a lot of individuals, and everyone at the event can see what other people are doing, meaning that there is no privacy. Depending on your preferences, needs, and of course, your budget, you can choose either of the three options since they’ll all provide the same or similar features.

5. What Backdrops Are Suitable?


Depending on the company you choose to purchase or rent the booth from, they could offer a wide range of professional backdrops. A lot of individuals and business owners choose the pillowcase tension fabric drop, mostly because it’s large, it comes with a tube frame that is simple to set up, and it’s also easy to carry and transport from one location to the next. This option is printed onto textile and it’ll provide you with an amazing background in the pictures.

It’s worth mentioning that the aforementioned option is a little bit more expensive, however, there are more affordable alternatives that you can choose. For instance, if you choose pipe and drape drops, you’ll get several upright poles with cross pipes that’ll hold the textile in place. It’s both affordable and will look gorgeous, hence, if you wish to save some money, choosing this particular option can be suitable for you.


No matter what you require a photo booth for, it’s important that you check what type of camera it features. By doing so, you won’t only ensure that people can take photographs at events easily, but you could also guarantee that the photographs are high in quality and that they have a high resolution that’ll allow you to post blur-free pictures to your social media accounts.

Since you now know more about this type of equipment, as well as the key factors you must consider throughout the choosing process, you might not want to waste any more of your time. Instead, if you’ve determined which option is suitable for you, start browsing different companies that’ll provide you with a photo booth that’ll make every event more fun and interesting.

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