What do you Bring to Your First Airsoft Game?

Are you a sporty person or someone who loves to play different kinds of games? Have you ever played paintball with your friends? How about airsoft? If not and this is your first time you should keep on reading and understand how to have fun, as well as what are some basics that you should bring with you to your first airsoft game. This can be an amazing activity for most friends, larger groups, as well as couples who are competitive and are trying to have fun in their own unique way.

What is an airsoft game?


Airsoft is a competitive team sport and a shooting game where players participate and have fun while eliminating the opposite players. They do this by tagging them out of play with their strategic approach and thanks to plastic projectiles that are launched through airsoft guns. There are no specific or strict rules when it comes to it, and sometimes more is merrier! This means that you can have fun if you’re a team of 10, easily!

This article details one of the most effective ways for you and how to get ready, so keep on reading and understand all there is to know.

What to bring?


Think about all the essentials when it comes to your packing and try not to forget some major and key items. Make sure that you are well aware of your routine & preparation. Everyone should go for:

  • A sturdy duffel bag
  • Batteries
  • A gun
  • Protection for eyes & face
  • Gloves, boots & a vest
  • First aid
  • Supplies
  • Water

These items are crucial & key for men and women, as well as anyone who is trying to have fun while staying protected and wants to feel like a responsible adult. The more prepared you come the more fun you will have!

What is the process like? Why do I need to bring all of these items with me?


Step 1: Hold all of your needed essentials in a sturdy and high-quality duffel bag. When given a choice, go for the right kind of airsoft gun as well (it should have at least 350 fps for field). AEG over 350fps is the best solution for your field games. Pack the bag properly and carry it with you at all times and over your shoulder when playing with your friends.

Step 2: Use a pair of goggles or a sturdy mask before you hit the field. Protect yourself at all times, and also get binoculars that will help you see into the distance and will help you spot the enemies. Eye protection and face protection are the key in your case, as well as if you’re a cautious person.

Step 3: You can bring a flashlight that will keep you up in the field and well-aware of everything that’s going around and near you. Get a practical camouflage outfit as well that will blend with your scenery so that you can rule the game. Go for some dark tones, green or brown pants, and embrace the prepared & determined vibe.

Step 4: Throw on a vest and protect yourself from attackers. You can also go for some gloves and high-quality boots that will come in handy for the outdoors and the terrain. Protect yourself from any external factors as well, such as tough & rough terrain, and make sure that you invest a bit more in your protection wear (thought, care & money).

PS: Try to learn different hand signals while you’re at it. A leading team and a head leader will always have a proper approach when battling it out. They are also more than likely to win if they come prepared.

Step 5: Emergency kit is for everyone, doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or a pro when it comes to this game. Feel protected and safe at all times and have your team feeling secure. It is not an expensive item to bring along yet it can change the pace of your game.

Step 6: Another key item that you might need is a mosquito or insect repellent. Spritz it all over your hands and your legs if they are exposed. This way you will focus on your game instead of being distracted by bug bites.

Step 7: Some supplies that are a bit unusual yet quite practical are zip-ties, a pocket knife, as well as duct tape. These will come in handy more often than you’d imagine, trust us. You can use them to cut some ropes, trees, tie up your outfit, help your teammates, or move some objects around.

Top 3 most asked questions that you will need answers to:

  1. What gun to use?

Work with something that is not as new to you, and that you’re familiar with. Make sure that your gun works since people might pick you as the weakest link, and you might be an easy target. Lightweight and practical is the best go-to, so see what options are available.

  1. Why do you need a battery?

A higher-quality battery and a charger will come in handy since most batteries that are already in guns have a shorter lifespan. You will need a replaceable kind for precision and better overall function through the game.

  1. Why do you need BBs?

People tend to overshoot, especially first-timers. For some, a bag of 5,000 won’t cut it. The best kind to go for is TSD competition-grade BBs. Make sure to use them rationally and don’t overdo it.

Want to have fun and learn even more about airsoft?


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