6 Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance

It is not uncommon to see car drivers that have started getting disappointed with their car’s performance. No matter if your car is old or brand new, it is not at all unnatural to expect your car to deliver more. Thing is, part upgrades can cost quite a fortune. If you go to a mechanic or car dealership, chances are they will tell you that the only way of upgrading your car’s performance is by buying brand new parts.

This is simply not feasible for the average consumer who can’t afford to spend so much money on performance upgrades. According to, car upgrades should be a necessity not a luxury. They themselves are firm believers of this and support their ideology by delivering quality performance improving products at affordable prices.

You’d be surprised that improving car performance need not be always expensive in price and extensive in process. There are several other effective ways through which you can take your car performance to the next level without considerable problem. Thing is, many drivers are still unaware of these tips and don’t know how to upgrade the performance of their car effectively.

To prevent that from happening, in this article we will list several ways through which you can improve your car’s performance effectively without much difficulty. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Utilize high-quality premium oil


While your standard motor oil gets the job done of keeping your engine lubricated, it might not be the most ideal oil solution if you use your car extensively. If you find yourself putting a lot of mileage in your car, then it is time to upgrade your oil to a better quality alternative i.e. premium oil.

Yes, premium motor oil is expensive but it is worth every penny for people who use their cars a lot. It assists the engine in functioning smoothly, improves the lifetime of your vehicle, and ensures that you get better gas mileage than before which ultimately saves your money in the future.

Purchase reliable tires


Different tires work best in different conditions. If you keep using winter tires in summer, you will not only deteriorate the quality of your tires but also burn more fuel. Similarly, using summer tires in winter can cause your tires to slip on snowy surfaces which can lead to drastic accidents.

As a responsible driver, it is crucial that you buy a reliable set of tires for the right season at the right time. Having the proper season tires will not only help save you more fuel in the long term but also ensure that the risk of accidents stays minimal – especially on snowy roads in winter.

Invest in new spark plugs


Spark plugs can often get old easily and when they do, it has a drastic hit on your car performance. Worn-out spark plugs make your engine work more than before causing it to overheat above average temperatures. This, in turn, increases fuel consumption and also puts your engine at the risk of sudden engine failure.

If you detect the symptoms of a failing spark plug, the best way to go about it is by replacing them with new spark plugs as soon as possible. New spark plugs will get your engine started more quickly and effectively than before. In cold winters, new spark plugs will show their true value as they get your engine roaring up in a matter of seconds.

Buy chip tuning tools


If you have a relatively modern car, you can easily access a variety of chip tuning tools that integrate into your engine directly and boost its performance. These chip tuning tools can be bought from a variety of online and offline stores and are an excellent way of monitoring and dramatically improving your car’s performance.

Depending on what aspect you need to improve, there are several different tools and units available to help you out. The direct chip tuning unit can boost car performance and power efficiency to 30%. Then there is the throttle tuning unit that makes your car more responsive and lastly, additional exhaust valve models that enhance the sound of your car with relative ease.

Ensure healthy air intake


One of the only ways your engine cools itself is by having a steady source of positive air intake that cools down the engine while it’s working. Thus, you can imagine when a car has a bad intake, its engine can easily have overheating issues. As a result, the car cannot function optimally because of the increased fuel usage and engine overheating.

The most common way your car’s air intake can deteriorate is by having a dirty or faulty air filter. If you notice that your engine has started overheating more than before, replace the old air filters in your car with brand new ones. A clean and new air filter will provide your engine with a much better cooling experience.

Eliminate unnecessary weight


You’d be surprised at how easily useless clutter can pile up in your car when you start using it regularly. This random clutter can come from anywhere and cause your vehicle to be considerably heavier than before. While a vehicle is designed to accommodate excess weight, it doesn’t mean that its performance doesn’t take a big hit with heavier objects onboard.

Clear out the unnecessary items out of your car that you don’t need to carry around everywhere. Often, these items consist of a large portion of a car’s weight and can easily improve performance once they are offloaded somewhere. Always remember, the lighter your car is, the better it will run.

This is perhaps the most effective as well as an affordable way to improve performance on this list because it literally costs nothing except a few minutes of your time. Also, there is not a single car in existence that doesn’t benefit from this and can be thus used in all sorts of cars on the planet.


There are several effective ways of improving your car’s performance that can help you get better fuel efficiency and speed. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please follow our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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