Uber Car Insurance – How It Works And What It Covers

If a person is looking to make some extra money by driving for Uber, they need to make sure they are protected.  -According to, vehicles that are required for Uber can vary from state to state but should be newer than ten years old and have at least 4 doors and 4 seatbelts. Part of this requirement, you are also required to maintain auto insurance based on your state’s minimum financial responsibility.A person can get this protection by having the correct car insurance coverage. This coverage will protect them and their customers in case of an accident. A person can get Uber car insurance Ontario to make sure they have the proper coverage for their car.

Car Insurance Phases


When a person drives for Uber, there are three different phases of coverage based on the amount of time they are going to drive. It will help make sure they get the Uber car insurance Ontario coverage that they need.

Phase 0

This insurance is regular care insurance that will cover a person when they are not driving for Uber. It is the car insurance they need to drive legally.

Phase 1

When a driver is using the Uber app, and they are available to accept customers. Still, they do not have a customer in their car; they will need a million dollars in third party liability insurance, standard accident insurance, and can have collision coverage with a deductible as high as $1,000.

Phase 2

This coverage is for Uber drivers that have accepted a passenger and are getting paid for the ride. They need to have $2 million in liability insurance.

Phase 3

The driver is transporting a customer to their destination. They will also need $2 million in liability coverage for this ride in case of an accident.

Requirements for Insurance


All drivers must have a valid license for at least six years to get insurance coverage. Their license must be valid, and they must have a safe driving history. A person can drive for Uber for a maximum of 20 hours each week. If a person drives for Uber more than 20 hours a week, they are considered to be using their vehicle for commercial purposes, and they will need additional insurance coverage.

They may need to produce records of the logs and times that they spent driving. The car being used for Uber cannot seat more than eight people, including the driver. The car cannot be used for other work-related or delivery purposes. They cannot be registered as a taxi or other form of public transportation.


If there is an accident, there are some things that the driver must do. They need to contact Uber through their email or their app and follow their reporting procedure. Uber will ask for details of the accident, and they will make a digital record of this event. They will then need to use this information to pass it on to the insurance company to file a claim. There is a claim number that Uber drivers will be given to file a claim with Uber or to get assistance in filing this claim.

Uber and Insurance

Uber will have limited coverage for drivers when they are driving on behalf of the Uber platform. When a person is not driving for Uber, they need their auto insurance coverage. A person can get additional ridesharing insurance endorsements from their insurance company. While Uber does not require this, it is highly recommended. This will give a person additional coverage and protection in case of an accident. Many Uber drivers feel this coverage is worth the investment

Commercial Uber Policy


Uber covers all its drivers regardless of there personal insurance they have, its riders get this service from the movement they enter the vehicle and the movement they get off. These are divided into different phases in which they are eligible for certain money defined by the insurance.

Policy Terminologies Defined:

There are some terms that need to be clear before filling the Uber insurance policy. These are defined below.

1)Rideshare Driver: An individual who is operating an automobile in connection with the use of a digital network.
here the driver is online logged to the network and ready to pick up a ridesharing passenger,

Both the passengers are ready to share the rider knowing the other passenger’s pickup and drop off location.

2) Rideshare Vehicle owner: This includes the owner of an automobile, which is operated by a rideshare driver, or the automobile is leased.

3) Ridesharing: It’s a service through which passengers obtain and pay for on-demand transportation provided by rideshare drives through a digital network.

4) Transportation network company: A business entity that uses a digital network to connect with the passenger to rideshare service by rideshare driver.

5) Described automobile: These are described as an automobile which is operated by rideshare drivers.

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