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How to Travel with a Snowboard 2024 – The Best Ways Revealed

If you’re having a problem with how to travel with a snowboard, then our guide below can probably help you. Our guide covers the best ways to go with a snowboard by air and by post. Before you go the slopes, check out our website. S2AS is a snowboard shop in the UK that offers next-day delivery of the world’s best snowboards.

What is the Easiest Way to Travel with a Snowboard?

The best way to travel long distances with a snowboard is by air. You can check your snowboard in as sports luggage with your airline.

Some airlines don’t charge while others charge a small fee, which can often work out cheaper than shipping your snowboard to your destination in the mail. Flying your snowboard with you when you travel can also be a safer way to go with your snowboard as there is less risk of losing it in transit.

How to Travel with a Snowboard by Road

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It’s quite straightforward these days to travel by road with snowboards. If your snowboard is too big to fit into space inside of your car, then you should consider investing in a roof rack or boot rack to attach your snowboard also.

So you have invested a great deal of your hard-earned money and hours of your valuable time in choosing a snowboard that will turn you into a ski professional. In the end, you’re stuck in the back of the car, looking at the full companion cabin and perfectly packed bags to the top of your trunk. When it is all said and done, you are left with the painful conclusion that your skiing equipment has nowhere else to stand.

However, with a proper ski rack, your trip will be comfortable and relaxing.

It would help if you had a car roof rack with a lock on which you can transport snowboards. Mount the frame on the transverse roof rails on the roof of the car, in less than a minute you will pack your ski props, and you are ready for a comfortable trip up the mountain with all the ski equipment you won’t mind while traveling. Entirely practical, easy to use and safe to drive, and has a lock with a key on the bracket to prevent theft.

When traveling by air, you will need to consider how you will go with your equipment to the airport. If you aren’t driving yourself to the airport, advise your transfer company that you have a massive snowboard and luggage. The best way to ensure you get an adequately sized vehicle to get you to the airport. You could always consider a stretch limousine.

How to Travel with a Snowboard by Air

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Who often travels by plane is probably by now aware of the various services that companies offer without financial compensation? However, many passengers are ashamed or ignorant of the full benefits of flight.

Airlines offer a service of transporting sports equipment. Depending on the carrier, the material may be considered as a piece of checked baggage or may be subject to a later charge. Don’t forget to order your sporting goods transportation service on time – call Customer Service to avoid significantly higher airport baggage check-in fees.

The transportation of snowboards is available on almost all airlines. Such equipment is treated as sports luggage – one piece of luggage may consist of a pair of skis with buckles and ties and ski boots (for water skiing – skis only).

The cost of transportation of luggage may vary depending on the airline. Many regular airlines allow the transportation of sports equipment in checked baggage and do not charge for this service subsequently. Learn more about transporting skis and boards on the plane.

Often you can check your snowboard in as part of your luggage allowance. With some airlines, you can carry free sports luggage up to a certain weight, or you may need to pay a small additional charge to take your snowboard on a flight with you.

To travel by air, you must ensure that your board is packaged correctly, its case is preferable as otherwise, your insurance may not cover it.

What is the Best Way to Travel with a Snowboard?

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The best, least stressful way to travel overseas with your snowboard is to take your snowboard in a vehicle to the airport you are flying from, check-in the snowboard, and when you land, collect it from the luggage area.

No one wants to get to their destination before ski equipment and waste valuable time they can spend in the snow. Sometimes equipment needs much more to arrive at a target place than we do.

This way of transportation is probably also the quickest way of traveling with your snowboard as if you were to ship it; there is a possibility that your snowboard could arrive after you have. Can you imagine having to miss the action on the snow because you have to wait for your board to arrive? Not a great feeling, I can imagine.

Is Shipping your Snowboard to your Destination Easier than Traveling with it?

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It is possible to ship your snowboard ahead of you getting there and collecting it when you get there. In this instance, we recommend booking the delivery and collection with a company that has a good reputation when transporting snowboards.

Snowboards aren’t cheap, so if you are shipping, make sure you pay extra for the adequate insurance and research details of places you could buy or rent a board if, for any reason, your board wasn’t to arrive when or where it was supposed to.

Although shipping will save you the hassle of having to drag your oversized snowboarding equipment around until you have been to drop your baggage, it could mean that you get left without a snowboard at all.

Yes, this can also happen with an airline, but an airline is a lot less likely to do this as its one direct flight rather. When it comes to mailing a snowboard, it must be put in the hands of many couriers and warehouse staff before getting to its destination.

Mailing can also be significantly more expensive than taking it on a flight with you.

In conclusion, we would be more inclined to travel with our snowboards by airplane to our ski destination than to transport them overland and drive to our goal or by courier. It’s much cheaper all round to take a snowboard with you on your flight. For these reasons, air travel on the same plane as yourself is the best way to go with a snowboard. You can start with your outdoor activities right away, with no question where is your snowboard.

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