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Best Way To Travel Australia in 2024

When someone mentions “a land down under” – most people think of the distant, exotic continent, Aborigines, kangaroos and koalas. Australia is all that, but so much more. It is a land of vast expanse, wild nature and wonderful people who are among the happiest ones on the planet. We must also not forget New Zealand, which should also be found on a map of your trip to this part of the world. Therefore, if you have the opportunity – visit both.

Time Is The Absolute Imperative

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A visit to Australia and New Zealand is certainly not a last-minute trip. With getting a visa and a long plane flight – you need to plan well your visit to these places. Therefore, you should smartly schedule your visiting days if you want to see more. Wondering why? The reason is quite simple – although it seems small, Australia is a huge country. It is also a continent where most of the country is uninhabited and most people living in the south, where all major cities are located. When you add a flight from, for example, Sydney to Wellington, New Zealand, which takes over 3 hours – the time is an absolute must!

Australia And New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are countries worth your time and admiration. The fact of how long a flight to get there should not discourage you – just encourage you to go on a yearly trip for three weeks and enjoy every minute of it. These countries are extremely attractive because of their natural beauties, native tribes, but also relatively little explored and populated areas. This is the reason why many tourists want to discover something more. However, if you don’t have enough time to visit both, here’s our suggestion about what to see while visiting Australia.

What To See In Australia?

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Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra are among Australia’s largest, most famous and most developed cities to visit. Also, the island of Tasmania is a special story and if you have enough time, set a few days for visiting that island alone. But let’s start from the beginning.


Sydney should definitely be your stop in Australia. In Sydney, be sure to visit the Opera House. However, if you are the adrenaline type – head to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It takes a few hours to climb, but once you reach 134 m in height – you will forget the effort and enjoy the view of the city, the harbor and the famous Opera House. Be sure to put Cockatoo Island on your list. It is an island that used to serve as a prison, but today it is the right place for hedonists. During the summer months, it becomes a true oasis of bars, cocktails, and good fun.

The Heart of Sydney – The Rocks

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Right in the heart of Sydney is The Rocks quart, once populated by the Aboriginal Cadigal tribe. It is also the first metropolitan area populated by Europeans. It was named after the sharp and rocky coastline of the western Sydney Bay. Here is the most well-preserved house built in Sydney – the Cadman’s cottage dating back to 1816. If you want to get acquainted with the history of the neighborhood and how it has grown from an Aboriginal settlement into a tourist attraction, it is best to visit the Rocks Discovery Museum.

Don’t Miss To Taste The Wines

Australia is also known for its vineyards and quality wine varieties. According to Sydney Private Tours, Australian wine valleys are the inevitable stop on your journey. Places like Hunter Valley are a delight to all fans of this drink, and they are often the hub for meetings of oenologists who study the taste and tradition of making wine. Just 2 hours away from Sydney, this place will give you complete enjoyment of the flavours and aromas of this divine drink. After Sydney, an unavoidable stopover is Melbourne.

Blue Mountains

Two hours from Sydney are the Blue Mountains, a beautiful mountain range, including the ‘Three Sisters’ – an unusual formation that will take your breath away. The hiking trails are great and the nature around you is fascinating wherever you turn. If you want to get to know the wildlife – this is the right place, so be sure to visit the wildlife park as well.


Melbourne is described as a cosmopolitan city full of street art, shops, bistros and historic architecture that makes the city live year-round. Many say that every person who visits Sydney or Melbourne opts for one of them. Sydney is a tourist attraction while Melbourne has a different story, but a city worth visiting. Through the city center run old trams that connect the sights of the city center. You can get a free ride and get where you want. The heart of the city is Melbourne’s Federation Square. There is a large cathedral of st. St. Paul’s, the Art Center, and the 19th-century railway station building. Today it is a modern metro station, which is full of people during the day and from there trains that connect the center to the outlying suburbs.

Eureka Skydeck

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This is a 297.3m high tower that offers a perfect view of Melbourne. It has 92 floors, and all the windows on the last ten floors are gilded with twenty-four-carat gold. The ticket you buy is valid for a visit to the tower during the day, and for a small fee – you can also return at sunset. On both occasions, the view is extraordinary and no one will remain indifferent. This building also has the fastest elevator in the southern hemisphere. You will reach the 88th floor in just a few seconds, as the elevator exceeds the speed of over 9m per second.

Great Ocean Road

This is the largest natural landmark in the state of Victoria. It is away some three to four-hours drive from Melbourne. In our opinion, it is an absolutely inevitable place for all who come to Australia. It is a fascinating stretch of coastline of almost a thousand kilometers in length, with several stops worth stopping and admiring. Most of the way is by the seashore, so you can enjoy the view of the waves, the plethora of surfers, many beaches and tourist spots.


As many days as you may spend on Australia – you will realize that it is not enough because the list of places to visit is too long. In Australia, however, there is no need to go less than four weeks, both for distance and for the above reasons. Just like all other people, you will be amazed by the immediacy and kindness of the locals, from the saleswoman at the local bakery to the clerk at the banks – everyone is available and willing to help. Apart from the fact that the flight to Australia takes a very long time – it is difficult to find any disadvantage of going to this magical land

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