Top 6 Ways To Maintain Your Greenhouse – 2024 Guide

Every gardener loves their garden and wants it in the best possible shape. Gardening is not only about the harvest – it becomes a hobby or even a way of life as it allows you to relax, keep your mind off worries or even gives you a purpose.

Unfortunately, it’s not all about plants. In order to make the green happy, everything needs to be well-maintained. Are you new to the greenhouse business and you look for some hints as to keep your all-year garden in tiptop shape? Well, get yourself some equipment (GreenhouseStores can help you with that) and read some of the top ways to maintain your greenhouse.

No Pests allowed


To be absolutely positive that there aren’t any pests in your greenhouse, you have to make sure that you’re not bringing any in. Don’t rush – watch carefully each plant that you bring into your garden. It’s better to spend some time inspecting them beforehand than struggle with it later.

Once pests get into your garden, they can multiply at a very fast pace. According to, to be absolutely safe, you should think about introducing something that is a natural opponent to pests



It should be a priority to keep your greenhouse clean and tidy all the time but your job doesn’t end here. It’s important to sterilize everything regularly and not to use any kind of chemicals. If you care about your plants, you should assemble a set of environmentally friendly soaps and us them with warm water only – clean all the floors, counters, windows and everything else that’s around. Then, to be safe from harmful insects and pests, consider fumigating your greenhouse yearly or even twice a year.

Watch carefully


Just like with everything you take care of and care about, you should observe your greenhouse carefully. Make sure you discover any infection or other threat as soon as it arises. If you hear some unusual insect sounds or you notice holes in your plants’ leaves, it probably means you’re dealing with pests.

If that’s the case, you should immediately get rid of the infected plant before it infects other plants (if it hasn’t already).



The ventilation system is vital in order to let your garden stay healthy and flourish but it’s just as important to have the system checked regularly. Malfunctioning ventilation can actually do more harm than no ventilation at all.

It needs to be clean at all times and shutters and louvers have to be oiled when they become even a little bit squeaky – there shouldn’t be any obstacles for them to open and close. Plants capture the heat from the sun and without a ventilation system, the temperature can easily go too high up.

Water and irrigation


Lines and hoses of your watering system need to be checked regularly as well; after all, there’s no plants without water. It’s normal for hoses to get clogged or cracked, that’s why it’s so important to clean them or replace if there’s a need. If the dirt got stuck inside, you need to run the water at full pressure without a cap and it should be removed.

Constant temperature


That’s what greenhouse is all about – it’s a place where you want to keep plants that can’t grow outside because of temperature. Logically, it’s vital to keep the temperature inside at one stable level. To be sure of that, you can install a monitoring system that will keep an eye on the temperature, check the acidity and the moisture level as well.

What’s more, you need to control the amount of light your plants get – if it’s not enough, consider buying heaters (HeaterKing has some helpful guides) and if there’s too much sun, you can plant some trees outside to provide your greenhouse with some shade; scrub your windows regularly to be sure that you allow enough sun in.

To cool your greenhouse a little bit, you may invest in the evaporative cooling system; it cools your garden by using water, so it can help you keep your plants moisturized as well.

Now that you know something, there’s no time to waste. You can do some research to know more but most importantly, keep your plants in mind and watch them carefully. You know them – think about what makes them happy and what can bother them. Take care of your greenhouse in order to be able to keep gardening (as you love) and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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