Top 5 cars students can afford to buy

Are you a student and willing to take your responsibilities?

Many students need to buy a car for their needs, especially the ones living abroad for higher education. Well, there are many good choices for them, but the most affordable, reliable, and practical choice for students would be our main focus.

Here is the list of the top five cars that any student can afford to buy.

Ford Fiesta


Ford’s midsized vehicle, known as Ford Fiesta, is an exceptionally fuel-efficient vehicle that is available in two models; four-door sedan or hatchback. In addition to that, the car can be purchased in manual five-speed transmission or automatically controlled transmission. The basic version is primitive, with decent comfort and convenience. High-end models have advanced options, including better engine and brakes, aluminum wheels, upgraded interior.

Chevrolet Sonic


Chevrolet Sonic is a small and delicate car that is also available in the hatchback; it has a four-door Sedan form with standard as well as automatic transmissions. It has many features and also can add more advanced options like trims size, it has many different trims, where each cost differently.

The most important thing in any car is its safety, while Sonic’s secret is its safety features. Its features include many airbags, rearview, camera, and driver confidence package that is ideal for college students.

Moreover, it also has discount offers for newly graduates.



Mazda introduced its mid-range vehicle in hatchback as well as a sedan known as Mazda3. Mazda allowed its customers to choose between manual or automatic transmission, making it convenient for owners. With the compact size, it is a perfect car for students who are generally in look for a fuel-efficient car with high-end options that they can get in Mazda3.

Check out the other variety of Mazda cars as an option that might fit your lifestyle.

Honda Fit


Honda launched this model as a direct competitor of Toyota Yaris. The model only comes in hatchback, which is considerable for students in terms of convenient maintenance. Do not judge this car by its cover as it is quite spacious. It comes with many optional features like leather seats navigation system. So you’ll get a compact yet spacious car with sophisticated up to date features, all in an affordable budget.

Toyota Yaris


Toyota is a Japanese Automobile Manufacturing Company that has spread all around the world with its many models that have become very common, including evergreen Corolla and Land Cruiser. Toyota is now manufacturing a mid-range hatchback vehicle known as Yaris/ Vitz (in some regions). It is loaded with many practical features that would come handy for its owners, especially those who are students.


All of the above mentioned affordable cars have few things in common that are safety features, comfort, stability, handling, convenient maintenance, long-running capability, which is the absolute prime need of every student. I hope that this article will help you in making the right choice by buying the best possible car. If you are planning to sell your car, you can contact companies like


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