6 Tips for Troubleshooting Basic Car Problems

Let’s be honest and say that we all love cars, and the only difference is about our preferences and car type as some like sports ones, while others like old-timers. But let’s leave personal preferences aside for a moment, as solving that dispute can take some time. What’s important is safety, as we can all agree that the best car is the safe one, the one that is properly maintained. Now, what most people often neglect is the state of their vehicle, as they spend more time on how the vehicle looks, which should not be the case. Namely, accidents eminently happen, as simply we cannot have complete control over everything as some things are simply out of our hands.

1. Car maintenance is a must


Everything mentioned above is only a reason more to spend more time and focus on car maintenance. The best way to do so is to act on time, as even the slightest malfunction can cause devastating effects. Now, you may think that we are exaggerating but let’s look at the facts, and the facts state that in 7 out of 10 accidents, the main reason is a car malfunction. That is why as soon as you notice that something is wrong with the car, you should go to the mechanic and check what’s the problem. Running diagnostics is the most basic thing and can literally save lives.

Of course, there are other ways to solve car problems, and depending on how difficult the car problem is and your skills in solving one troubleshooting car problem can become the thing of your daily routine. Don’t know what to expect or how to detect whether it is a small problem or not? Well, there are two options, and you can either click here and find the best, reliable, and far from costly diagnostics, or keep reading as we will provide you with top five tips for troubleshooting basic car problems.

2. Motor starter is the first thing to check


Sometimes everything looks alright, but we simply cannot start our car no matter how hard we try. The reason for that may be the motor starter, and it is necessaryto check it to be sure. It is a pretty sensitive part of the vehicle, and because of that, it can cause us problems if we do not check it up regularly. The motor starter should be lubricated during regular check-ups because it is the only way to make sure that it will not rust.

Corrosion is the main reason why it stops work, and it is crucial to prevent it because it can cause many other problems. Besides the corrosion, the gears in the motor starter can become trapped, so we need to make sure that it is not the case. Keep in mind that it is impossible to start the car if the motor starter does not work, and try to check this vital part regularly.

3. The battery is the most common car’s problem


Cars cannot operate without a power source, and because of that, it is necessary to make sure that the battery works properly. The first thing we need to mention is that battery’s lifespan is about five years, and it is almost impossible that it can operate more than that, so if you are sure that you have had the same battery for more than five years, it is time to replace it. If it is younger than five years, then there is probably a way to save it and extend its lifespan.

These batteries are made of acid or lead, and because of that, it is crucial to be careful with them. If you are sure that it is not time for the replacement, check clamp connections because it may happen that they get loosed during the time, and you need to tighten them up. Besides that, it is important to use some lubricants in order to avoid rusting and occurrence of corrosion since it is another reason why the battery could not operate properly.

4. Overheating, as the most common problem


Now, the more driving experience you have, it’s more likely that this problem occurred to you. As for the reasons why overheating happens, it all depends, and in some cases, it’s because of inappropriate speed and not enough driving experience, but the most common reason is the long drive or/and insufficient coolant in the radiator.

Now, as you probably guessed, for some of these problems, the solution is simple, and the most important thing is to check the amount of coolant before you embark on your journey. Of course, that’s prevention, and if overheating occurs, the best possible solution is to wait for the engine to cool down and then open and check the coolant tank.

5. Flat tires are common but can be a huge problem


Yes, it may sound silly at first, but we all know how a flat tire can cause so many problems. As for the reasons why this problem can occur, road conditions and certain climates can wear down a tire much faster. So, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation, make sure to check your tires before you start driving. Furthermore, always but always check whether there is a spare tire or not, along with proper tools for replacing a flat tire because this can save you a lot of time and trouble.

6. Lights are the crucial thing to check


If you are afraid of a night ride, it is almost certain that you won’t notice that your lights are not working properly, but it is crucial to inspect them from time to time. Well, the main reason for that is that lights allow us to see where we are driving and allow other drivers to see us during the night, so driving with faulty lights can be pretty dangerous. Luckily it is not difficult to replace the bad lightbulb, and we can do it by ourselves, and because of that, we always need to have the spare one in our car.

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