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Tim Ferriss Net Worth 2024 – Lucrative Speaking

Tim is best known for his speaking skills since he has been one of the best-known speakers, persuasive speakers, bloggers and authors in the USA. He never stops writing and his writing includes various guides that have the function of self-improving oneself.

Personal life


He was born on the 20th of July 1977 in Southampton, Long Island, New York, the USA. Before he got into the world of motivational speaking and writing, he was the owner of a nourishment supplement company. We should also mention that he finished St. Paul’s boarding school and that he even spent a year in Japan. His application paper was so good that the University of Princeton admitted him in 2000.

After schooling, he decided to go to San Francisco and we need to say that he struggled at the beginning and that was the time he started his supplemental company- body QUICK.


We should also mention that Tim decided to travel around the globe after he had a failed business trip to London. He visited many countries, including Ireland, Germany and Argentina. He fell in love with tango and he is a Guinness world holder with the biggest number of tango turns he did this in 2006 when he had 37 turns in 60 seconds. After this world-traveling episode, he decided that he would like to have his voice heard and that he would like to convey messages. So, he decided to get into speaking and writing



We need to mention that one of his biggest successes in life comes from his speaking and his blogs. It should be mentioned that some people call him “Oprah of Audio” due to his influence in this media channel. He also has his podcast called The Tim Ferris Show and we need to admit that this show is a hit and that this is witnessed in 80 million downloads that the show had in 2016.

His influence on the community is also very big since there are 1.56 million people that follow him on Twitter and 885.6K that follow him on Instagram. He also uses these social media to convey his message and speaking.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

We have already said that he makes money by speaking and writing. We need to say that one of his biggest achievements is the book with the title above. Let’s just say that the book is sold in more than a million copies in the USA. The book is actually a guide for people on how to help themselves. The book was not a hit only in the USA, we would just mention that it was translated into 35 languages. Also, The New York Times enlisted it on the most popular books, and it held the 1st position for some time.


Tim continued to write and his books were very popular. He wrote The 4-Hour Body in 2010 and here he included a lot of advice form professional sportspeople regarding the right diet, healthy lifestyle and many more. Then he released The 4-Hour Chef in 2012 and this was a guide to people what to cook and how to prepare healthy and good meals.

He also wrote Tools of Titans in 2016 and Tribe of Mentors in 2017. This book is actually a guide and has some pieces of advice from famous and successful people on how to overcome problems in business and how to succeed.

Net worth


The net worth of Tim in 2024 is 100 million USD. As we have already said, he is very successful in many fields and all of them bring him money. First of all, his writing pays off a lot and only one of his books has been sold in more than a million copies. The other he wrote were also very popular and they were sold a lot.

Also, there are his podcasts that are extremely popular and that have been downloaded by more than 80 million times, each download brings money. Above all, he is still young and he continues to write and do podcasts so the future only knows how much he would contribute an earn.

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