Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Net Worth 2024 – Rich Before the Thirties

How many times have you heard about someone who is a self-made millionaire? Well, this is not something that you hear about every day. We present you with Grant Cardone, a motivational speaker, sales coach, real estate mogul, writer, businessman, and influencer. Over the years, he became a person who you are looking to consult with your business.

Certainly, he is a capable person for finding the right balance in the world of business. Plus, he is someone that is going to leave a big mark for the times to come. We are going to present you with his net worth and a short biography which will show you how a guy from a small town turned himself into a millionaire.

Grant Cardone

Personal Life

Grant Cardone was born in a town of Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 1958. His parents are Curtis Cardone and Concetta Cardone. He has four other siblings, and one of them is his twin brother Gary. Grant had a very hard childhood since he lost his father Curtis to a heart attack. He grew up with his mother and his siblings. His education started at La Grange High School in his home town.


During his childhood, he was a very troubled boy. He had problems with drugs, alcohol, and violent behavior. Throughout his education, he faced detentions and suspension regularly. After he finished high school, he started attending the University of McNeese State. He graduated in 1981, with a degree in accounting. Later, he started attending Cardone University, from which he has a master’s degree in sales.

He is married to Elena Lyons. They married on the fourth of July 2004. She is an actress who participated in a plethora of movies in the last decade. She is an American, but she was born in Europe, more precisely, in Spain. Plus, the pair has two children Sabrina and Scarlett. The family home of the Cardone family is located at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.


We can surely say that his life is going to be a topic of a movie, in the foreseeable future. After he won in a battle with his addictions, he started working as a sales trainee, in Chicago. Because of the nature of his job, he moved frequently. Later in his life, he worked in Texas, and for more than a decade he lived in California, in a small town of La Jolla.

Shortly before his thirties, she discovered his love for the real estate business. His first sell was a house in Houston, the capital of Texas. The second successful sell of his was a 38-unit complex in California. Later, he started buying and selling a high number of estates per year. In 2012, he sold a multifamily building for a record of $60 million. This was the landmark of his career.

Net Worth

As of 2024, the net worth of Grant Cardone is estimated at $400 million. His wealth comes from his work in the estate business, selling the books he wrote, and from various companies in his ownership. Now, as a 60-year-old man, he is still active and ready to work. We are pretty sure that his net worth will continue to grow in the future, knowing his nature.

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