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5 Best Strategies For Getting More Instagram Followers In 2024

Did you know that Instagram has over 1 Billion Active Users per month? No, that is not a mistake. With that number of monthly users, Instagram is a social media platform that you can use for marketing your business’s services or products to a huge amount of people. However, like everything else, all beginnings are hard, including the one on Instagram.

If you are in this situation, this article will help you learn some of the best strategies for getting more Instagram followers, hence, boosting your sales. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Your Bio Section Should Be Used Efficiently

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If someone clicks on your profile, you will want to make your bio section appealing enough that they click on that follow button as well. It does have a limited number of characters, however, you should include what your business is about and what do you do, ass well as your location and a link to your website. By doing so, people will have options to explore your business even more.

2. Post At Least One Picture or Video a Day

There is not a strict rule when and how many videos or pictures you should post, you should at least try posting something – even a story – at least once per day. This will ensure that people do not forget about your brand and they will be able to see your post on a regular basis.

3. #hashtag, #hashtag, #hashtag

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One of the best ways of attracting customers is by using hashtags. There are two common types of hashtags one is community and the other is branded hashtags. The community ones are common ones such as #makeup, #ootd, #tbt, while the branded ones are the ones related to your company. So if your company sells clothes, try to come up with a specific hashtag that you and your customers can use. However, keep in mind that people can get annoyed if you post over 15 hashtags in the caption, hence, you should try to put 6 to 8 hashtags in your posts.

4. Create Your Own Style

By creating your own style, you will be able to easily stand out from the crowd of the same, generic Instagram profiles. It is important that you create your own style. For example, why post pictures without a border around them, when you can choose to have a border with a specific color?

By doing so, people will be able to recognize that you posted the picture without even looking at your name. Hence, come up with some ideas on how you can create your own Instagram style.

5. Buy Instagram Followers

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According to the website, if you want to skip all the previous steps and boost your Instagram following in a matter of minutes, you can do so by purchasing Instagram followers. A quick search will reveal a wide range of companies that specialize in this, hence, you can opt for this option too. But, it is advised that you do not skip the previous steps since you can also continue growing your audience with the steps above.


The five strategies from this article are some of the best ones for boosting your Instagram following. Hence, do not waste any more time and start creating an Instagram strategy that will attract more followers.

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