TCL 10 Pro review: TV Brand Takes on Phones

TCL has always been a huge name in the world of television. With some of the best displays and perfect picture quality, this company has already been one at the top when it comes to perfect TV selection, on a global basis. After gaining quite some popularity among masses, the team is all set to work its magic towards the field of smartphones and came up with the perfect models. These phones have already won millions of hearts and won’t be long when they win the rest of the crowd easily. So, if you are looking for quality pro mobile, log online, and get help now.

TV brand taking on phones with TCL 10 pro


There are so many smartphone options that you can procure from TCL and the models will vary in their features. However, if you are looking for the best one in town, then waste no time further and get in touch with TCL 10 Pro over here. Once you have gone through the features that this mid-ranking phone has to offer, you won’t feel like moving towards any other name in this regard.

  • Before you finalize on purchasing the best phone like this one, it is mandatory to head towards the best phone in here. The display will always work out in your favor, because of the waterfall design.
  • To top it all, the display comes with Google Assistant, which is the most necessary tool for every Android user, these days. TCL has taken this liberty to go through all the possible displays and then finalize on this magnificent one as that wanted Pro 10 to be the real deal.
  • It is one stunning screen combined well with a great price. It is one mid-ranking phone, which will cover all your thoughtful requirements of a smartphone under one field.

The features which are undeniably the best ones


This TCL 10 Pro came into the market with its counterpart at TCL 10L. It is one first phone to have hit USA and UK shores with the company’s very own branding. Even though this name has gained popularity by selling TV, but it is now dealing with the smartphone section and will be of people’s choice in no time.

It is hard to compare this phone with any of the previous models because it is one of a kind. This is one unknown territory for most people, but will always prove to be just fine. This is one newcomer in this field and has already caused quite some stir over here. If you check out all the possible 5G phones available in the market right now, this one is always topping the charts, to say the least. It is one of the best Android phones, which are out in the market. So, you can blindly give it a try!

The price makes it perfect


Now you must be wondering that such an expensive feature loaded phone will not go slow in your pocket! Well, let’s just be honest and state that this statement is a complete lie. This phone will cost you merely $450, which is quite less if you compare this phone with others from Apple and more. Now, this rate of $450 is the original price, and before any sales and discounts! So, if you are lucky enough to get hold of some discounts, you can save some more bucks on this phone too.

Going through the features and specifications of this phone will let you understand the beauty this machine holds. It will even help you to make a decision on whether this phone is your next best choice to upgrade to, or not.

Amazing features right at your fingertips


Even though this is the first time TCL is making a smartphone, but you won’t be able to know it. The design is so amazing that it feels like professional work, right from the start till the end. This phone is pretty appealing in terms of aesthetics. However, it won’t hit the heights, designs, and premium based levels like the one from Samsung and Apple. But, if you check out the features as a whole, this Pro 10 feels great to hold and handle.

  • It is true that the arrangements of the quad lens of cameras might be a bit tough for the users, who are getting associated with such placements for the first time. However, it won’t take you much time to grow into this design.
  • Another interesting feature of this phone is its headphone jack, which is hard to find in some of the other models over here. So, now you can use your old headphones without any dongle and listen to music, while the data port on the bottom will be using USB C.
  • Usually, any phone around this price will be using an OLED screen rather than an LED one. It gives rise to deeper blacks and vibrant colors. The display of this phone, in particular, will not disappoint you in any way. Whether you are trying to play games, watch movies, or just browse the web, this phone of 6.47 inches will really shine through.
  • The screen comes with 1080 x 2340 resolutions. Not only that, but you can’t ignore its 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The screen is only interrupted with the small teardrop notch for the current front-facing camera.
  • As per the build and looks go, this Pro will have an impressive option right by your side. Whether you are planning to get hold of the sleek grey version or the exotic green one, there are two different choices of colors for you to go through.

The Pro 10 from TCL is here to stay for a long time. So, the chances are high that its production unit will also expand with the passing day. Once you start using this smartphone, you won’t feel like talking about any other brand. It is one reliable smartphone, which fits maximum pockets at the same time. So, even with a tight budget schedule, this phone will work out well for you.

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