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5 World’s Biggest Network Equipment Providers

The world of technology and telecommunication is constantly improving, and nowadays, we are able to implement and experience some of the latest advantages that this industry has to offer. There are thousands of companies and brands all over the world, and some of these providers are far better and more …

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Top 10 Smartphones Available on The Market in 2024

In a world where every person you know probably owns a smartphone, it is pretty much safe to say that these things became necessary. Smartphone devices can help us with a lot of things, from the simplest tasks such as calling someone, which they were originally meant for, to some …

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3 Ways China Is Influencing Africa in 2024 – Economic Relations

Relations between Africa and China are strengthening year in year out, with Chinese investment significantly impacting every sector, from mining, telecommunications to logistics and transportation. The Incept states, “Trade between China and Africa has risen from $765 million to more than $170 billion in the last 40 years.” It’s a …

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