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Currency Trends in 2024 and What Affects Them

In the past, countries used the gold standard monetary system to determine the value of their currencies. However, this system was abandoned in the 1930s and replaced by fiat money. Since then, national currencies have freely fluctuated in value depending on the supply and demand of the financial markets and …

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3 Ways China Is Influencing Africa in 2024 – Economic Relations

Relations between Africa and China are strengthening year in year out, with Chinese investment significantly impacting every sector, from mining, telecommunications to logistics and transportation. The Incept states, “Trade between China and Africa has risen from $765 million to more than $170 billion in the last 40 years.” It’s a …

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Vintage Number Plates On Classic Cars

It may not have escaped your attention that old cars or classic vehicles from the last century don’t sport the current standard DVLA  issue number plates that modern vehicles display and a good thing too.  A modern white or yellow long plate on a vintage classic would look pretty awful …

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