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England’s Move to Mandate Smoke Alarms a Smart One

British Housing Minister Eddie Hughes recently announced a new mandate requiring all providers of public housing in England to fit their properties with smoke detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors will also be required in any public housing properties equipped with gas appliances or heating systems. It is a smart move. It …

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Top Seven Common Furnace Parts that are Prone to Break

A furnace is a heating unit indispensable to any home, made warm and comfortable in cold weather. A vital and often perma­nent part of the central heating system, it delivers heat to interior spaces by blowing hot air through ductwork. According to smilehvac.ca: Heating appliances use different sources to get …

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How Many Smoke Alarms Do You Need in Your House

Whether you live in a studio apartment, regular house, or a 3-story mansion, safety should be your priority. Safety of your house can be achieved in many ways – from a surveillance system and security alarms to smoke alarms. All of these are equally important and all of these will …

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