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Tips on Surviving as a Freshman in College – 2024 Guide

College is exciting. It marks an end to childhood and works as a stepping stone towards adulthood and the real world. As exciting as it may sound now, it can get a little too much once you get there. Studies are definitely not the only matter to worry about; instead, you have a giant pile of tasks that you just can’t get away from.  Extra-curricular activities, a part-time job is equally as important.

Most college students say that freshman year is their most struggling year of college and we get it – it’s a new environment, endless classes, and needless to say, the pressure to adapt to the new lifestyle it offers. It all feels too much to handle which is why we’re here to help! If you want to stay ahead of the curve and make lemonade off all the lemons life gives you, here are some tips that will help you survive the dreadful first year of college.

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  1. Get your life together

Well, however long you’ve been told this, trust me this IS the time to get your life in one place and get organized. From studies including assignments and classes, your personal life must also be in place. The best way to go about it is by investing in a planner. It will help you keep a track of your classes and assignments in place, that too from the inception of the semester. It might seem mundane but it’s important especially when everything is new and raw.

  1. Prioritize

Once everything is down in writing, now is the time to prioritize. With so much going on around you on social media or even at the campus, it is inevitable to lose track. It is pertinent to prioritize the tasks at hand and while you’re at them, stay at them by putting away your phone and just disconnecting from the world which can be done in a library or even in your room.

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  1. Know when to stop

The beginning of college comes with a lot of adrenaline rush. We all wish to do everything and anything that too at our best of abilities. As competitive that makes you, it can be a little difficult for your mental health. Sure, you must work hard towards your grades and internships and extra-curricular activities but it is also imperative to not overwork yourself and just give your mind a little time to relax. One trick to work for say 60 minutes and given yourself a 10-20 minute breather to stay focus and motivated for a longer time.

  1. Ask for help

With so much going on, students get stuck in a rut which is why you must not be shy enough to ask for help. We all have been in certain situations which were or say, could’ve been dealt with better for if we had asked for help. Normalize asking for help. At campus, you can always hit up your seniors online or in-person for something you’re confused about or wish to do but need a direction for. Not just those, professors are also great resources to learn thrive from. Most of them are ever so ready to help you learn outside of a classroom and can help you pave your way through your dream career or even a grad school you wish to enroll in.

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  1. Explore your resources

College provides a great platform to learn not just in a classroom but way beyond that. There are multiple classes from multiple disciplines that can help you explore your liking and passion. With that said, these can add up to your already busy schedule which means that you would have to let go or rather ration your time between things. Further, to multi-task and use your time to the best, you can hit up online resources that can assist you with your coursework or even do it for you with 100% anonymity and a meager price rate. MyAdmission is one such platform that can save so much time and stress you have regarding undoable assignments.

  1. Take care of yourself

Freshman year is long and new which can really succumb to new students in unnecessary peer pressure to do everything at all times. Well, let me tell you, it’s not possible and definitely not healthy for you.  It is pertinent to understand that yes, studies are important but not at the cost of your mental and physical health. Try to spread out your tasks so that you don’t have to cramp things into one night. Not just that, don’t beat yourself too hard to not want to work at a particular time which is when we can totally bring that junk out while binge-watching Friends on Netflix.

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  1. Be healthy

College not only has a toll on your mental health but can also be pretty harsh on your physical health. We tend to overlook our health when it comes down to meeting deadlines or prepping for a big presentation. As important as it is to break a leg at those things, being mindful of our health is also imperative. Health is definitely wealth and hence, it should be worked towards. With that said, it is important to understand the importance of eating well and squeezing exercise in our schedules.

We get it, you don’t have time during the week which is why you must prepare your meals on Sunday. You can grill some chicken, roast some vegetables in advance for the whole week which will not only save you a fortune but also a lot of time with the added advantage of knowing what is going in your body. Moreover, that exercising must also be prioritized. Sure, you can’t afford a fancy gym but you can always go for a jog around the block with your buddies and get those limbs moving.

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