How to Start a Rock Band as a Guitarist

Music is everyone’s favorite hobby. Each of us wants to spend most of our free time listening to music. It relaxes the brain and helps us forget the hard day that is already behind us. Listening to music or making music, as well as saying it, is a great love that begins and never ends. Ever since childhood, people are showing their first interests in music, whether it is singing or playing an instrument. With the beginning of formal education, the first basics of music education are given, and thus the desire for music is bigger and bigger. In that period, the desire to learn to play an instrument appears.

Statistically, over the years the guitar has been cited as the most popular instrument for learning, followed by the piano, drums, and violin. Guitars are a relatively easy instrument to learn. The most common types of music performed on this instrument accompanied by other instruments are pop, funk, jazz, metal, and of course rock. Rock music is known as a very popular type of music, especially in the 80s and 90s of the last century. During the popularity of this music, many rock bands were formed, whose popularity until today is huge on a global scale. That tells us that learning to play this instrument requires a lot of effort and practice. Hard training has brought young talents upright to the stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Slash. Their quality was recognized by many musicians, and that was the motive for them to join or form their own band.

Although it is not easy to form a band if there is desire, enthusiasm, and talent every obstacle will be overcome. There is nothing that can stop you from doing so. Do you play guitar and want to have your band? Do you dream of a successful career and great fame? We have a strategy to help you. Here are the 7 simple steps you need to follow to form a band.

1. The support of loved ones is needed


There is no stupid idea! Any idea is welcome, but it must be well-developed. Sometimes we are not enough to develop the idea on our own. We also need some help from someone else, such as our loved ones. It is no coincidence that we point out our loved ones as the best help. That is because they know us the most, and they are following every step we take. They will teach us that it is important to believe in our dreams, and they will become real. They will listen to every plan, every suggestion, and will teach us whether it is right or not. It is much easier when you have someone to guide you and restore your faith in your idea even when you at least think you will succeed.

2. Improve your guitar playing


Perfection exists and we need to reach it ourselves. For every guitarist, the skill of the fingers is required. That skill itself does not come at the beginning, it is acquired over time. It takes a lot of effort to play the guitar, especially when planning to open a band. Before starting a band, it is very important for a guitarist to: achieve skill and speed in his fingers, to have a high level of concentration, to know cool tricks and movements that he would perform during the performance, etc. If you have a great desire to invest in your talent All Stringed can help you a lot in improving your guitar playing skills. Do your best, dedicate yourself, and one day you will be the guitarist that every band is dreaming of. Reach for the stars!

3. Organize a search for band members


Before looking for new people, make sure you already know a great musician to whom you can send an invitation to be part of your new rock band. It could be a friend from your place of residence, a classmate from the school group, a college colleague, or a relative. If you want to meet super cool people with whom you will form a band then an open call is the best option for you. Set the conditions they need to meet and expect lots of cool people at your music interviews. Focus and choose the best!

4. Rent a rehearsal room


Browse all listings with new members! It’s time to find a super cool garage or house out of town that will have plenty of room for companionship and rehearsals for your band. The rehearsing room must offer conditions for quality music rehearsals. However, the space should be acoustic friendly and must offer good sound during the rehearsals. It is also important that the space is large enough to accommodate all the band’s equipment. Friendly advice: make sure you find a room where no one lives, it is good for the rehearsals to last long and without interruption.

5. Use a proper sound system and quality equipment


It does not matter if you buy or rent equipment. The most important thing is that it needs to be appropriate! Use a proper sound system and equipment. Test the sound system before you officially rent or buy it, buy long-lasting guitar strings, non-perishable cables, etc. Equipment for the whole band does not have to be too expensive, you are a beginner and you will earn better equipment in the future. It is important to start with equipment that will best convey what you are playing.

6. Create the band’s repertoire


Until you start creating your music for your performances you will need to perform something that has already been created. Which bands would you prefer at your performances? Assemble the whole band and think about whether you want to play the Beatles more or you want to make a combination of the Beatles, Coldplay, Aerosmith, and Metallica. Adjust your repertoire according to your wishes for the future. Think about where do you see your group in the future. But above all listen to the wishes of the audience.

7. The first performance is the most important


Carefully plan your first performance. Consider whether the singer should give the microphone to someone in the audience, or he should sing till the end of the evening. Make sure there are lots of interesting moments and interactions with the audience. At the end of the performance, we advise you to leave space for meeting the fans. That way you will do something that will be remembered and people will adore you.

Pay attention to the details, spend enough time on the design and organization, and make sure you have a dream team. Make a whole concept that the audience will like and that will work for you, that is the recipe for a successful band. Follow our recommendations and success will be inevitable and people will adore you. Good luck with the new beginnings. Rock on!

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